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Six Leisure Activities That Can Test Your Patience

Today, people’s tolerance for things that take time and effort has drastically changed with the pace of life, new technology, and the stress of taking on too many commitments. This is why some take on more relaxing activities to slow things down and relax. However, there are a few pastime activities that can make one impatient instead of feeling relaxed. Here are seven leisure activities that can test your patience.

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Teaching Your Pet Tricks

Pet owners know the responsibilities that it entails. Food, shelter, and their vet trips all should be taken into account—no problem. All this is a given for all pet owners. They become confident as they successfully house train and potty train their beloved furry friends and try to venture into training them tricks. Easy enough, one might say. However this innocent leisure activity can leave you feeling exhausted in the early stages of training. Teaching your four-legged friend basic tricks is just as complicated as teaching the more advanced tricks, but consistency is key, just like how house training started. Patience and positive reinforcement will yield great results.

Practicing Lock Picking

Lock picking is the practice of unlocking a lock by manipulating its components with a device that is not the original key. It’s a practice learned by locksmiths and has become a hobby for some known as lock sport. Lock-sports followers enjoy the challenge and excitement of defeating a lock system, and if you are one such individual, then knowing how to practice is a great start. Did you know that on average there are around thirty locks in your own home that you can practice with even without a professional kit? There are different types of locks you can practice on to get started on the road toward a successful lock-sports career!

Learning a New Dish

New dishes and pastries are a thrill for individuals who would like to spice things up their recipes. However, new dishes can take a toll on your patience, especially when these dishes ingredients aren’t native to your area. Finding the right ingredients and materials means trying to find the right alternative not to botch the whole recipe. But do not fret! The great thing about learning a new dish is that it’s all about trial and error. The result will be tasty——promise!


Woodworks is an activity or skill of making things from wood. It is a craft and carpentry of making wooden things even more beautiful than they already are. Many woodwork activities require a lot of patience from the person, who needs a lot of focus and attention to make something usable and great to look at. Start out with medium-sized items as the smaller or larger you go, the more complicated the materials needed to create the masterpiece. Keep the detailing to a minimum when you start, and go from there. Also make sure you have the right tools to get you started.

Solving Puzzle Games

Puzzle games are known to really test your patience. The amount of time and effort it takes to solve a puzzle successfully can be days, weeks, or even months depending on the complexity level of the puzzle. There is a wide variety of puzzles to choose from. Mechanical puzzles—Rubik’s Cubes, assembly puzzles, and jigsaw puzzles—logical puzzles, and even mathematical puzzles are all great brain-busting pastime activities you can try.

Learning a New Instrument

If you are more musically inclined, then learning a new instrument may just be the thing. The one thing that can test your patience with learning a new instrument is your own ability to get the technique. Remember to take your time and practice whenever you can, and you will surely get the hang of it soon enough.


What other leisure activities can get to your nerves? Do you think you can do the ones listed above without losing your patience? Try them out for yourself today.


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Written by Nat Sauteed

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