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10 Secrets You Didn’t Know About Designing Your Wedding Dress

If you still have not said “I Do” to the wedding dress of your dreams because nothing in the bridal salon feels right, then consider broadening your horizons and designing your own wedding dress. Buying straight from the rack may not be satisfying enough for your because these pre made clothes don’t fully encapsulate the details in your vision. If wedding dress shopping has been nothing but a frustrating experience, it is high time to consider collaborating with a designer like HoneyWed Wedding Dresses to customize your dream design and weave it into life. Here are ten secrets you didn’t know about designing your own wedding dress:

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1. Do Your Research

Never go into an endeavor blind. Have an idea and plan of action in your head. The first thing to do is start looking over the Internet for many ideas There are a lot of design inspirations from high fashion shows, vintage pieces, royalty, or celebrities. Examine all the various elements and design details from fabrics, cuts, silhouettes, necklines, embellishments, and trimmings to find the ones that speak to your heart. Never mind if it is an outdated trend because what’s critical is that it looks great on you and you love it.

2. Visit Fabric Shops

Go to fabric shops to see different types of textiles from silk, organza, lace, and the like. Also touring these shops will give you an idea of the price per meter of your favorite fabrics. Maybe your dressmaker will even allow you to purchase your own cloth, so you can bring down the cost.

3. Find the Person with Skills

Unless you have bad ass sewing skills, you will need dressmaking expert. It can be a relative, a local dressmaker, or even a designer with their own studio. Some designers will even collaborate with you to tweak your design to suit your body type. They will make it for you perfectly fit to your measurements. Key advice, look at their portfolio of work before committing to one and singing a binding contract. And remember: bring all your ideas and design inspirations with you, so you can show the pros what your heart desires. Most designer studios appreciate a bride who knows what she wants.

4. Know Your Own Body

You could be an alternative bride in search of something unique for your wedding, but be sure to work with all your proportions. You may be extra tall, have big breasts, or have an extra large booty, which is why you’re opposed to buying ready-to-wear bridal gown. The key is knowing your flaws, so you can minimize them. In the same token, you want to enhance your body’s strengths, so go ahead and flaunt them.

5. Go Dress Shopping Beforehand

Try on as much as you can off the rack to see if your dream design will really work for you. Your ideal skirt may be in one designer. The ideal top in another. Wear as much as you can to help you see how different cuts and styles work with your body.

6. Choose Your Companion(s) Carefully

Be sure to bring companions when you go dress shopping. They can help you filter out what dresses work for you and what doesn’t. Ask them to give honest assessments when they see you try on different styles. Now is not the time to sugarcoat words because you need to look your best on your big day.

7. Know Your Budget and Stick to It

You should have a working budget when you start your dress project. Weddings are very expensive, so setting an amount for your gown will help give you direction and will help narrow down your choices. No matter what, stick to your budget.

8. Wear the Right Undergarments

When you come in for your measurements, be sure to wear the right undergarments. Go for seamless underwear. If you’re not busty and intent to use some padding, then wear that bra. Same goes for your spanx or waist trimmers. You don’t want unnecessary creases and bulges in your bodice.

9. Inspect the Gown

When you receive the gown, don’t leave the dress shop without fitting or inspecting it thoroughly. If there are any busted seams or problems that need to be fixed, you can immediately ask the dressmaker to make the necessary adjustments.

10. Don’t Rush!

Last, but the most important of all, allot plenty of time for your dress to be made. You cannot leave the dressmaking part to the very last minute because a rushed job is sloppy. A minimum of six months should be given to make your own dress design. There will be several fittings to make sure that everything is perfect for that much awaited day when you walk down the aisle.

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Written by Nat Sauteed

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