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Top 7 Benefits of Buying a Secondhand RV

Buying an RV is a dream project for many people. However, buying an RV in its mint new condition is not always the best option. To begin with, the cost of a brand new RV is not for the faint-hearted. So, unless you have a stash laying around somewhere, secondhand RVs can be a lifesaving option.

Thanks to Zervs, you can quickly browse around a huge collection of used RVs that you can buy with just a few clicks. Contrary to what most people think, buying a secondhand RV comes with its fair share of perks. Read on to know about seven unique benefits of purchasing a pre-owned trailer.


The most obvious advantage of buying a used RV is that it helps you save up some money for a rainy day. In fact, the cost saving is much more significant when you’re buying an RV than normal cars. The average cost of a new travel trailer can hover between $15,000 and $40,000. The cost of high-end motorhomes can even go beyond this price cap.

On the contrary, used RVs cost a fraction less than their brand new competitors. The price may fluctuate depending on the condition and size of the RV. Nonetheless, the amount of money you save from buying a used RV will be quite noticeable.

Guaranteed performance

Usually, when you want to buy a new RV, you have no other choice but to believe what appears on the paper. You just take a shot in the dark, hoping things will work smoothly. This is not the case when you buy a used RV. Sure, it may not come in mint new condition, but it comes with a reliable background check.

You can find out about its past performance records and all other operation-related queries. The previous owner can also give you a heads up about any maintenance issues that you might face. All in all, you go into the deal with broader information when you buy a used RV.

Minimizing RV’s depreciation value

Buying a secondhand RV protects you from the harsh depreciation trend. The value of your brand new RV starts depreciating the moment you drive it out of your dealership. In fact, the value of a new car drops by about 20% during the first year itself. This means by the end of the second or the third year, your RV’s original value will drop by nearly 50%.

As you can see, new cars do not offer a very encouraging resale value. By purchasing a secondhand RV, you are technically protecting yourself from such drastic value depreciation. Since you are paying only a fraction of the original cost price, your long-term investment is well protected.

Avoid paying extra charges.

Buying a new RV from a dealership appears simple and straightforward on papers. But, that is usually not the case. There are at least four or five different types of hidden costs that pop up at the last minute. Dealerships wait until the eleventh hour to make the existence of such extra charges known. As a result, you end up shelling out quite a considerable amount of money.

On the other hand, buying a used RV from Zervs is as easy and straightforward as you can imagine. There are no hidden costs involved. You simply contact the dealer, inspect the RV, and get the deal done, quick and easy!

Cheap customization option

When people purchase RVs, they go all out, trying to make them their very own. Adding decals or making internal tweaks like changing the couch’s fabrics are just some of the ways people splurge out their money to achieve a truly personalized experience. The problem with this is that you need quite an awful lot of money. So, unless you have deep pockets, buying a new RV and installing these add-ons simultaneously is no joke.

On the contrary, buying a used RV helps you cut back on your spendings, which you can use for customization later on. Besides, if you are lucky, you might get your hands on an RV with all the high-end custom amenities.

Fewer insurance premiums

Insurance companies calculate your premium according to your car’s market value (or RV, in this case). That is why companies charge higher premiums for new RVs.

On the flip side, the market value of a secondhand RV would have already depreciated by the time you buy it. That, in turn, translates to lower insurance premiums. Thus, you can cut down on costs in all areas.

Reduces your carbon footprint

Did you know? A new car on the road releases up to 4.6 metric tons of CO2 every year. Besides, about a quarter of a car’s total carbon dioxide emission gets released during its manufacturing and shipment process. By purchasing a secondhand RV, you prevent another new car from entering the streets, thus, reducing carbon emission directly.

Final Thoughts

The number of perks that come with buying a secondhand RV may surprise you. On papers, buying something pre-owned may not sound very smart. But the reality could not be more contradictory. It helps you save money in more areas than you might actually think.

Besides, it is twice as easy and convenient to buy used RVs, especially thanks to reputed retailers like Zervs. Here you can navigate through a myriad of secondhand campers, trailers, and motorhomes. You can just as easily buy one while sitting at the comfort of your couch. By the way, did you know that one of the most interesting campers is the Airstream Bambi. Go here to find the Airstream review.

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Written by Marcus Richards

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