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7 Things You Should Look For In Your Next Vape Pen

It doesn’t matter whether you are just beginning to explore the world of bongs, pipes, dry herb vape pens, and hookahs, or someone who has been vaping for a long time; it’s always good to educate yourself about how to go shopping for things that will take your vaping experience to the next level.

In this post, we will talk about what things to consider/look for in a vape pen. Knowing those things should help you find a product that is designed just for your personal vaping needs.

Here they are –

1. Price Point and Popularity

Obviously, this is going to be the first thing you would want to consider before exploring the market. Knowing your budget can narrow things down and make the decision easier for you. Beginner kits can carry a price tag as little as $60. They can go well up to several hundred dollars. Knowing your price range should definitely help you find a satisfactory product. However, it’s important not to compromise with the quality just because you are afraid to shell out a couple of bucks.

Look for a match between affordability and quality. To that end, popular brands that your friends have tried out and can personally vouch for should be the best bet. In fact, it’s best to ask around for recommended or a do quick google research to stumble upon the best vape pens.

2. Battery life

One of the things that make vaping easier than smoking is that you don’t have to light a cigarette each time you crave for a hit. You can simply turn on your pen and start vaping away. On the flip side, you run the risk of quickly running out of battery. Therefore, if you want to avoid the pain of dealing with an unchanged vape, look for the battery quality of the product. Most vape pens run on a rechargeable lithium battery. Look for the size of the battery to make a more informed decision. If you vape only occasionally, you can easily go for a pen with a smaller battery life.

3. Material You Plan on Vaping

The thing about vaping pens is that different ones may be best suited for different kinds of vaping materials. For example, you can choose from dry herb vape pens, dab pens, vaping pens designed for e-liquids, etc. This is actually an important consideration to keep in mind. Start by asking yourself what is it that you plan on vaping. Are you a fan of concentrates or dry materials? Maybe you use both of them. In that case, you can go with a pen that can do both jobs. However, most pens are designed to handle a specific material type. Therefore, it’s paramount that you do your research and make up your mind about the material you plan on vaping before betting on a particular product.

Vape pens designed to handle e-liquids come with an atomizer/coils and a tank designed for heating purpose. Those meant for handling dry herb vapes come with a chamber that performs conduction/convection heating.

4. Heating Method

This point is partly a continuation of the last one which talked about chambers with conduction and convection heating capabilities. It’s basically the method of heating that a vape pen is designed to use. This is again another thing you would need to ponder about. Basically, there are three main types of heating that vape pens use namely – conduction, induction, and convection.

In convection heating, vaping material doesn’t come in touch with the heating element thus minimizing the risk of combustion. This arrangement also saves the vaping material from going waste. In conduction heating, the material may come in touch with the heating element and so the wastage may take place. Pens designed around induction heating are not that popular. They are still in their initial stages so it’s unlikely to stumble across one easily.

5. Functionality and Design

Vaping is supposed to be a fun experience. Part of that depends largely on the ease of use of the vaping device. If it takes forever to get a pen to work or if using it seems like rocket science, then it may not be worth buying. This is where the functionality aspect comes into the picture. If you enjoy the simplicity of design, you can go for simpler, easier to use vape pens. More tech-savvy enthusiasts who are big on functionalities can look for added features like temperate control. But, again, more functionalities translate into more complex usage. So, do consider that as well.

6. Portable vs. desktop

The thing about desktop vape pens is that they stay at home. You cannot travel with them. It is not exactly effortless to carry them around so forget bringing it to a friend’s house. However, if you are someone who enjoys the whole vaping experience in isolation, then it might be the thing for you. However, if you are someone who is big on portability and would like to be able to carry your vape pen around without much difficulty, go for a portable one.

Know that desktop vapes are considerable in size. But, the upside is you get much bigger clouds and fuller hits. They can be excellent for house parties where a bunch of friends wants to get together and have a good time. Portable units are easy to carry around. They also happen to be a lot cheaper although the size of smoke clouds would not be as big as that of desktop ones.

Final Thoughts

Shopping for your first or even tenth vape pen should be a pleasant experience. This short but useful guide should definitely help make that experience all the more pleasurable. So, happy shopping!

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Written by Nat Sauteed

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