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Do You Need Handyman Insurance?

If you work as a handyman, there are many considerations that you have in mind each time you head to a job. You probably need to think about all of the tools that you will need and plan for specialty repairs at some locations. This is a job that can require many different skills and which can be quite physical in nature.

One of the most overlooked components of being prepared to head to work as a handyman is insurance. There are many handymen providing services to clients who do not have insurance protecting them while they are on the job. You might be wondering if you need handyman insurance in order to work in this field. We will discuss some reasons that you might want to consider this item a necessity if you are going to offer handyman services to clients.

Reasons to Have Handyman Insurance

1. Protection Against Injury Costs

It is no secret that medical bills are expensive. If you get hurt while you are working on someone’s property, there might not be any protection for you financially to help you pay your medical bills. You likely also work for yourself, so you will be out of work during the time that you are recovering after an accident. This is one of the biggest arguments for having an insurance policy that protects you in case you get hurt while you are working on a job for a customer.

While the lion’s share of your jobs might be small tasks that will be very unlikely to cause injury, there are instances where something happens that no one can predict. Homeowner’s policies will offer some coverage, but they will rarely protect you against a large amount of medical debt and will not help you out with ongoing medical expenses related to this kind of accident.

2. Protect You Against Liability

If you cause something to happen that leads to further damage to a property. Liability for major damage can be an important perk on an insurance policy. You could easily lose your personal possessions and your business if you are held liable for an accident, injury, or damage that might be related to your work or your actions while you are on the job.

Liability coverage is part of many insurance policies, including common policies like auto insurance. Being unprotected from costs related to liability can be a big mistake if you are a handyman. You might never need this part of the coverage on your policy, but if you do need access to it and don’t have it, you could run into major financial struggles.

3. Required By Law

There are some states and countries which require handyman businesses to have insurance. This is becoming an increasingly common requirement for businesses of all kinds. The cost to make things right with customers or injured parties has never been higher, and it is a good practice to invest in an insurance policy to protect you against this kind of financial burden. The law is catching up to the realities of daily life and requiring more and more businesses to have a minimum of liability insurance.

If you think that insurance might be required by law in your state or in the area in which you live, you can reach out to a legal expert, or you can usually access information online about these requirements. There are many resources that can be used to help you confirm if you do have to have this kind of protection in your area.

Some Ways to Tell That You Need Handyman Insurance

There are some other factors that might tell you if you need to have handyman insurance. These details about your business can make it instantly clear that you will need to take out one of these policies for your own protection while you are at work.

  • You have employees
  • You target commercial buildings or commercial property work
  • You work in a financial building doing repairs
  • You needed to get a license to do your job
  • You are going to perform plumbing or electrical work
  • You are going to demolish, tear down, or build items
  • You need to wear a helmet for the job in question

All of these factors can be good indicators that your job justifies taking out an insurance policy. The reality is that any kind of business can be linked with expenses related to injuries or situations of fault. You should have a business policy protecting any business that you own or operate, with very few exceptions. It is always better to be safe than sorry when it comes to insurance. It is never fun to pay insurance premiums, but when you need to use your insurance, you will be very glad that you have it to protect you.

One of the other added perks to having insurance for your business is that many people will refuse to work with handymen who are not licensed and insured. This means that you can add additional confidence in your business just by taking this critical step toward making your business a success.

Handyman Insurance is Typically a Very Good Idea

No matter how big or small the jobs that you are planning to do as a handyman, you should consider insurance a mandatory addition to your business protections. You never know what might go wrong during a day of work, and you might be injured or cause a situation that can lead to liability issues.

Having insurance for your business can protect you financially, and it can help you to get back on your feet after you have been injured on the job. You cannot afford to take the chance that you will have to sell all of your possessions and lose your business due to a mistake that could not be avoided. Having handyman insurance for your business might seem like an unnecessary expense, but you will be very grateful for your investment if you ever have to make a claim.

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Written by Marcus Richards

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