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Steps To Follow For A Successful Office Move

When you move your office to another location, your main concern should be that your furniture and office equipment arrive intact at the new premises. You should also be interested in doing it efficiently, since you cannot afford to stop your business activities for several weeks. To achieve such objectives, good planning is essential. Let’s talk about the steps to follow for a successful office move.

1. Choose the Date

As your business activity will slow down or even stop during the long distance moving, it is advisable to choose a date within the off-peak months to carry it out. You can also choose a weekend or holiday period to make the change. Just keep in mind that on such days, the rates of moving companies tend to increase.

2. Assign Tasks To All Your Employees

Since the move affects the entire staff of your company, everyone must be involved in the process. It is very practical to prepare a program that indicates the activities that correspond to each one and the deadlines to carry them out.

3. Visit The New Location First

Knowing the facilities of the new headquarters is an essential part of the planning process. It will allow you to determine what elements of the current office will continue to be useful in the new one and decide the distribution of furniture and equipment.

4. Get Rid Of What You Don’t Need

Over time, offices tend to accumulate documents and materials that are no longer used. Changing locations can be a great opportunity to purge things you don’t need. This will result in a better use of space in the new facilities and savings in moving.

5. Take Inventory

Make an inventory of all the things that will be brought to the new office. This way you can verify that nothing has been lost during the transfer. Also, if you are missing something, you can file a claim with the removal company and make the insurance valid.

6. Start With the IT Equipment

If the move will be carried out in two or more stages, we advise you to send the computer equipment first. This will give staff more time to connect and configure them. When all your things have arrived, the office can be up and running almost immediately.

7. Prepare Your Things For The Move

All your belongings should be placed in sturdy boxes or, if they are too large, properly packed. Do you own particularly delicate and valuable equipment? Then, it is convenient for you to request the assistance of professionals to carry out this task.

8. Notify Your Customers And Suppliers

As soon as you know the address and the date of the move, notify all your clients and suppliers. Thus, your business will suffer the change as little as possible. You can use email and social platforms so that this notification reaches as many people as possible in a short time.

Why Hire A Company For Office Removals?

Due to the complexity and urgency that characterizes a change of office, it is highly recommended to hire a company to help you. The following list shows you what the professionals offer you.

  • Professional trained for all the maneuvers that the move requires.
  • Use of cranes and elevators in multi-storey buildings.
  • Packaging, assembly and disassembly of furniture.
  • Rental of fully guarded and protected furniture storage to store belongings for a few days.
  • Visit to the facilities to give practical suggestions and prepare a plan for the day of the move.
  • Possibility of insuring the belongings against damages and accidents.
  • Removal and installation of curtains, pictures, lamps, etc.

How To Find The Best Office Removal Company?

In order to choose the moving company that best suits you, it is important to pay attention to the following suggestions.

  • Determine how reliable it is. Review the ratings given by users and verify if it is part of an association or federation. This way you will make sure you hire a company with high quality standards such as H2H Movers.
  • Know your options. No matter how attractive your offer seems, don’t immediately hire the first company that comes your way. Compare among several alternatives before making a decision.
  • Decide what benefits you will need. Office movers offer services beyond moving your stuff. Before you hire one, make sure they can give you just what you need.
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Written by Marcus Richards

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