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Top 3 Attractions For Enjoying Washington, D.C., On A Rainy Day

Whether you live in the area or visit the nation’s capital, Washington, D.C. is brimming with things to do and see. Unfortunately, when rain is in the forecast, it can wash out your plans.

Fortunately, you’ll still find plenty to do while trying to stay dry. These top three attractions will help you enjoy Washington, D.C., even on rainy days.

1. Roam the Museums

Washington, D.C., may have the best collection of museums in the country. The museums are an excellent way to learn something new or delve deeper into interesting discoveries.

It’s impossible to see them all in one day or even in one visit. But if you pick and choose, you’ll be able to see plenty of engaging exhibits. The Smithsonian is the world’s largest museum complex, which contains 21 museums, and they are all free to visit.

Among the Smithsonian museums, the Air and Space Museum has some fun exhibits that adults and children will both find fascinating. See the Wright Brothers exhibit and learn more about the moon. You’ll also discover thousands of objects that have traveled into space.

The American Art Museum is ideal for art and history lovers alike. It’s one of the oldest buildings in Washington, D.C. and offers a view of history. You can also dive deeper into exploring history at the Natural History Museum. It’s perhaps the most beloved of the Smithsonian museums, provoking deep thoughts about the origin of Earth and what our world looked like before humans took over. The interactive exhibits will keep you entertained for hours.

Renwick Gallery is dedicated to the contemporary arts. The collection for this museum began in 1829, and it serves as an ideal distraction from dreary downpours. One remarkable thing about this gallery is that the exhibits are changed often, allowing you to pop in any time to see something new with each visit. It’s near the White House, so if you get caught in the rain over there, Renwick Gallery makes for the perfect oasis.

The Smithsonian Castle is another one you won’t want to miss in the Smithsonian museum line-up. It was built in 1855 and provides a mesmerizing collection of information. You’ll learn more about Washington, D.C., and the other sights you can discover, some of which will be best when the weather clears up. It also houses some significant artifacts that are worth a look.

That’s just a small taste of the Smithsonian museums around town. There are plenty more, including the African American Museum, American Indian Museum, and Postal Museum. In addition to these Smithsonian museums, there are other museums throughout this metropolis that all have something unique to offer to residents and visitors. Head to the National Zoo when the weather clears up and get the most out of the Smithsonian’s amazing offerings.

2. Take a Trolley Tour

For visitors in particular, rain can be a huge bummer since they’ve come to see all the landmarks. If you don’t want to miss seeing them, the abridged version will save you on shoe leather and keep you from wading through puddles with an umbrella in tow.

A trolley tour is a great way to see D.C. without getting soaked from head to toe. You can hop on and hop off where you like, and you’ll learn about the monuments and important sites while the trolley carts you around. One of the most popular trolley tours takes you through the National Mall and even stops at several of the Smithsonian museum buildings. You’ll be able to see the memorials for Lincoln, MLK, FDR, Jefferson, and Washington, plus the White House and Capitol Building.

3. Watch Some Independent Cinema

Rainy days are the perfect time to see a movie. But don’t just see a movie in Washington, D.C. Head to an independent cinema for a completely unique experience.

Independent, international, and arthouse films are a different experience from the kind of mainstream movies you usually find in movie theaters. With the right theater, you’ll find curated films shown on the big screen with comfortable seating, concessions, and even get to enjoy drinks from the bar.

All told, Washington, D.C., doesn’t have to be washed out on a rainy day to make the most of the nation’s capital. Even when the weather is perfect, these attractions offer a fantastic way to enjoy your day.

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Written by Marcus Richards

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