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10 Russian Museums That You Cannot Miss!

Russian lands are known for their scenic landscapes and magnificent architecture attracting tourists from around the globe. If you visit Russia as a tourist, you will not want to miss the museums that speak about the age-old Russian heritage and jaw-dropping architecture. These museums are situated in different cities in Russia that will give you a peek into Russian history. Some are old, while some of them were recently established.

If you are planning to travel all Russia, there are plenty of museums that must be on your bucket list. This article takes a little detour to some of the best rated and much-loved museums situated in Russian cities. Let’s get started…

#1 The Hermitage

Situated in St. Petersburg, The Hermitage is the largest museum in the world approved by UNESCO. It’s an ideal place to take a peek into the imperial Russian splendors. The architecture of this Russian attraction is a true definition of an architectural marvel. 

#2 The Tretyakov Gallery

Being categorized as a notable tourist attraction in Russia, this gallery exhibits European and Russian masterpieces from different centuries. It majorly includes artistic sculptures, artifacts, socio-political remains. The stunning collection from The Tretyakov Gallery will certainly bound your attention. You can also see some rare artifacts from the 11th century. 

#4 The Kremlin and The Armoury Chamber

As the name suggests, this museum houses the weapons and armors of the Russian army. Kremlin was a powerful fortress during the Russian kingdom, which was later taken over by the Russian Federation Presidential administration. It has also accommodated the cathedrals and Armoury Chamber that depicts Russia’s evolution back in the 11th century. 

#5 The State Russian Museum

Just like its name, this museum is one of the important government powered tourist attraction. It is dedicated to the collection of Russian artists and their arts. The State Russian Museum houses more than 38,000 artworks of 6,000 art icons from the 10th century to the current era. It is a must-visit place when you are in Russia. 

#6 The Pushkin Museum

It is categorized among the most famous museums in Russia that are globally renowned. The Pushkin is exclusively established for European and Russian paintings, artworks from the ancient era. You can find both antique and contemporary art collection—the impressionist gallery is another major attraction of this place. 

#7 Errata

It is a St. Petersburg museum that serves as the ideal destination to relish Russia’s contemporary art forms. Errata was opened back in 2010, and within a few years, it bagged ample limelight on the Russian tourism front. It houses more than 2300 art objects from contemporary Russian artists. Errata is s certainly a haven for all the art lovers.

#8 Garage

Just like its name suggests, it is an art garage for the contemporary Russian art form. Situated in the heart of Girky Park, Garage perfectly abides by its modern legacy. You can witness some marvelous modern art that will leave you awestruck. The major attraction of this place is its temporary exhibitions that are open to all. 

#9 The Faberge Museum

It is a small museum that was recently established in the heart of St. Petersburg. The Faberge is known for the exhibition of Jewellery collection from Faberge. You can find unique and bizarre jewelry ideas here, like stunning easter eggs. Precious jewelry from the late Russian empire is also a must-watch here. 

#10 The Bunker 42 of Taganka

It is the secured bunker in the city of Moscow. Bunker 42 was created for protecting military leadership and Soviet politics from the nuclear attack. It has now been turned into a museum that gives you a thematic tour of the Russian army from the bygone era. You must at least take an hour’s tour of this bunker. 

Each museum in Russia has something unique to offer to its visitors. These were some of the best and must-visit museums that you cannot certainly miss here. Make sure to relish each and every site to take back some amazing Russian memories with you. 

There is no doubt that entering the world of art and history makes each person rich in the human spirit. Entering some of the Russian museums can’t remain indifferent we suggest not to stop your cultural trip on this country only and continue expanding your horizons outside of Russia.

One of the greatest ways to fill more amazing places into your travel agenda is to travel Finnish capital – Helsinki. There are more than 20 museums located in this wonderful city and the most famous is the National Museum of Finland. The logistics of your trip can be easily planned within Russian railways. You may find the St. Petersburg – Helsinki train that suits you well and get to this very heart of Finland. 

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