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How To Find More Time For Yourself And Be Happy

Who among us has never experienced the feeling of not having enough time to complete our commitments, our work assignments? Yep, it has happened to each of us. For some, this feeling is now only a distant memory, because they have managed to learn practical ways to live peacefully, totally free from the anxiety of not having time for themselves and their commitments.

For some, achieving this state of mind represents a real chimera, something extremely complex or even impossible, as if it were pure science fiction. Usually, people afflicted with this kind of anxiety are perfectly recognizable, even to those who have no kind of experience with it.

Their gait is nervous, hurried, their features are eternally tense and pulled, and they always convey the feeling of being in a hurry, even in the performance of the most insignificant actions.

An illusion

These behaviors are most noticeable in public, perhaps while waiting in line inside a public office, on public transportation, and in any other physical space shared by other people, where the most unusual attitudes of individuals seem to stand out with particular vividness.

The troublesome feeling associated with lack of time can be eliminated in a jiffy, even in just a few weeks. To achieve the goal you must first identify it, clearly identifying it as one of your main priorities at that stage of your life (actually it should be your main goal, but the choice is yours).

This step is of crucial importance, as it will increase your awareness and mental clarity, helping you to proceed in an orderly and purposeful manner toward achieving your goal. The second step you must take, in order to eliminate that overwhelming anxiety associated with the belief that you have little time, is to voluntarily decide that the time has come to change your life, to build a healthy and good routine, and that you will even be willing to sacrifice something in order to do so.

The best results are achieved only through a series of consistent efforts, made with great resolve.

The importance of mornings

In order to regain your serenity, all you need to do is to employ the first hours of the day, those immediately after waking up, in a more fruitful way. If you are used to getting up rather late, or at any rate less than an hour from the time you start work, you will have to get used to a completely different lifestyle. By getting up even three or four hours earlier, you will be able to fit many more activities into your day, many more moments devoted to yourself and your passions.

In this way, the rest of the day will flow extremely naturally, without you almost noticing, because inside you will know that you have already done what you really care about. This feeling will not only help to relax your nerves, but it will also improve your mood and make you more productive, even if at first the improvement will be really slight, imperceptible.

This part of the day will have to be devoted to all those personal projects or activities that you have temporarily shelved, and which you never manage to complete during the day. When you then manage to devote several hours a day to these personal projects, the feeling of having no time for yourself will disappear altogether, leaving room only for serenity.

It is precisely during the morning that you should devote yourself to all those activities that make you happy, such as those related to reading a few books, watching movies or TV shows, or just having fun. The pleasant feelings left by these kinds of pastimes will positively influence your day, eliminating any trace of stress or anxiety.

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Changing your life sometimes requires taking that mental leap that transports you beyond the ordinary, where everything becomes possible and within reach.

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Written by Marcus Richards

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