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5 Ways To Learn About Customer Behavior

The most successful companies in the world understand the value of customer behavior. They spend considerable resources to understand what makes people tick and their wants and needs.

From psychological profiles to market research, companies are constantly seeking to understand their customers better. With that in mind, consider the following ways you can leverage customer behavior information to help you in your business or sales efforts.

Collect data about your customers

Data about customers is gold. Every touch point with a customer is an opportunity to understand them better. The more information you can collect about your customers, the more valuable it becomes.

When looking for new prospects, identify your typical customer and get as much information on them as possible. Understand what they like, what they do with their spare time, and what issues they face in their business or personal lives.

View session replay

Session replay reproduces a user’s interaction with your website or application. You can get more information about your visitors by reviewing the interaction and determining why certain visitors surf away from the site.

Use session replay to find out which pages they spend the most time on, why they spend time on those pages, their most common activities, and more. Based on this information, you can create a better sales strategy that is more relevant and appealing to your customers.

Segment your audience

One of the best ways to understand your customer base is to take an audience breakdown and segment them according to age, gender, income, location, culture, and more. By taking this approach, you can further drill down into segments and discover how they behave differently in certain situations.

For instance, you may find that a particular segment requires more information before making a purchase decision. You can adjust your sales strategy to accommodate these needs.

Compare your quantitative and qualitative data

Quantitative data is the kind of information you can find in a spreadsheet, showing how many customers have purchased from you, what they bought, and more.

Qualitative data helps you understand the why behind the numbers. For example, if 50% of your sales go to women 25-35 years old who live close to your store, this is quantitative data.

Qualitative data helps you understand what drives these decisions. It can help you understand why women in that age group and radius get drawn to your products. The data helps you pinpoint the most effective marketing messages and boost sales.

Learn from the competition

Finally, one of the best ways to learn about your customers is to closely examine what others are doing. Look at the sites, products, and services the competition uses.

Are they using a specific technique to attract customers? Are they using the same type of language to describe their products? If so, what are they missing? You can improve your approach by learning from this data and incorporating their best ideas into your own.

Before you go

These five ways will help you tap into the potential of your current customers and find new customers who might be ripe for your business. You can turn these insights into opportunities that grow your revenue and improve customer satisfaction.

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Written by Marcus Richards

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