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17 Decent High-Scoring Words For Scrabble

Scrabble is an ancient and most popular word game people have been playing for a long time. You have to make words according to several rules and conditions. Usually, only two players compete against each other in this game.

Some words in this game give you more scores than others. Some of these words are common, while you might not have heard about other ones. This article is about those high-scoring words that you can use to get the better of your opponent.

1. Words With Too Many Vowels

Sometimes, you can be in a situation where you might need to use a word with vowels but a character length of 2-4 letters. Here are some of the words you can use to come out of these types of situations.

  1. AE-> AE is a Scottish term for one, and it is a valid word in the Scrabble dictionary,
  2. OE-> OE is just an abbreviation people use for Old English. Whether you find it logical or not, it is a legal word in the Scrabble dictionary,
  3. AI-> AI is a herbivorous three-toed sloth native to South Africa and a legal word in the Scrabble dictionary,
  4. AA-> AA is a rock or a jagged mass made by basaltic lava. It is light frothy in texture and has a jagged surface,
  5. EAU-> EAU is a french word valid in the Scrabble dictionary. It means a watery solution, especially perfume with sweetness and moderate density,
  6. OI-> You might hear this word in many movies. It is an expression people use to catch others’ attention in a non-polite or angry way.

You can find two or three-letter words containing more vowels using online tools or software like word finders or creators for Scrabble. These tools allow you to search for words according to the game’s requirements. For instance, you can use this software to find high-scoring words according to any conditions or filters.

2. Words Containing All Vowels in Them

You can not find any word in the Scrabble dictionary which will have four or five vowels in a row. However, you can mix these vowels with consonants to make legal words allowed in the Scrabble dictionary.

They give you high scores, and most importantly, your opponent can not modify many of them, which makes them one of the best words in the Scrabble game.

1. Educationally

It is a thirteen-letter word accepted in the Scrabble dictionary, which means, in an educational manner,

2. Questionably

It is a twelve-letter word accepted in the Scrabble dictionary, which means, in a manner open to doubt(s),

3. Revolutionary

It is a thirteen-letter word accepted in the Scrabble dictionary, which means related to significant political or social change,

4. Uncomplimentary

It is a fifteen-letter word accepted in the Scrabble dictionary, which means in a disrespectful and unflattering way. Fifteen-letter words are hard to find for Scrabble. Search the Internet and remember five or six of them to take advantage of your opponent.

5. Ambidextrous

It is a twelve-letter word accepted in the Scrabble dictionary, which means the ability to use both hands equally well. You can also use this word to refer to someone like he is an ambidextrous person.

There are some fascinating facts about ambidextrous people, they are only 1% of the total population, and they excel in skills like music, arts, and more. Leonardo da Vinci, Albert Einstein, and Ben Franklin were ambidextrous.

5 Letter-Words Which Will Give You the Maximum Points

1. Jazzy: Jazzy can mean in style, resembling or of Jazz, and showy, colorful, and bright too. It gives you 33 points in Scrabble.

2. These words will give you 21 points each in Scrabble:

  • Zaxes, Quaky, Jiffy, Zippy, and Zinky.

Wrapping Up

You can always use online tools to learn better words to use in Scrabble. You can also search Google for high-scoring words with particular letters.

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Written by Marcus Richards

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