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Italy’s Best Place To Taste Pasta | Foodie Guide

Italian cuisine is one of the most widely acclaimed in the world and trying out their food often comes as a huge part of any kind of Italy trip. At the top of the country’s tastiest and most popular food is pasta! And, while you can get it anywhere in Italy and basically anywhere else in the world, there are some specific regions that are known for it. So, let’s see where you can go to enjoy this deliciousness!


This quiet, lovely city in the region of Basilicata is one of the best places to try out all kinds of pasta!

Actually, Matera is very well-known for various kinds of Italian dishes. Therefore, it is the perfect place to visit if you are a true foodie, and your itinerary is likely to be colored in many different restaurants with their highlighted dishes!

The buffets here generally focus on simple provincial food and makes for the most authentic Italian meals. When you are in the city center and find yourself hungry, head to Osteria al Casale, a beautiful place known for its pasta.

You get to enjoy the most decadent flavors of fresh ingredients and the beautiful Southern Italy landscapes!

Pasta Ingredients


While Venice is known mainly for being the most scenic region in Italy, with its canals, squares, and basilicas, it is actually a great place to try out authentic food, as well!

One of the most glamorous restaurants here, Algiubagio, allows you great views and the best food! You can enjoy a close look at Venice’s canals while having a glass of the best Italian wine right on the side of your pasta.

The menu here is highly dominated by pasta with seafood, which is quite understandable given Venice’s location. Try out their famous black tagliatelle with almonds and cuttlefish on leek and saffron mousse!

Seafood Pasta


Naturally, the capital city is filled with restaurants serving the most impeccable pasta dishes and others of the authentic Italian cuisine. So when you are done trying out seafood linguine at Algiubagio’s, take the Venice to Rome high speed train and get ready to taste the best of what Italy has to offer!

While there are plenty of lavish restaurants with high prices, luxurious surroundings, and 5-star chefs, we suggest opting for the local ones! Generally quite humble and hard to see, these smaller cafes are the perfect setting for a real Italian meal. Also, you cannot really compare the great vibes of a lush restaurant and a small family place!

Head to Agustarello a Testaccio, a local buffet known for its homemade pasta, unforgettable flavors, and the friendliest service!



Florence is typically known as Italy’s central city of art. With vast monumental areas and the most beautiful Renaissance art, it is deemed one of the most romantic cities in the world! However, no romantic trip is complete without the best-looking meal on the table and the most delicious flavors on your tongue.

This time, let’s see what Tamero has to offer. Totally unique and utterly different from Florence’s general vibe, the restaurant is designed with concrete walls of graffiti, steel tables, and unmatching chairs. Nevertheless, this characteristical restaurant is one of the best places to eat pasta in Italy, even if its appearance is somewhat shocking!

Twelve types of pasta are made from scratch every day, but their most famous dish is pasta culurgiones – pasta dumplings filled with potato, ginger, and mint! So get ready to be surprised yet delighted!

Pasta Dumplings


If we are hitting the most prominent Italian cities to try out the best pasta, we simply have to include Sicily!

Actually, the city is best known for citrusy flavors, cannoli, and artichokes, but Sicilians are excellent at making pasta, too! The restaurants here all follow the city’s general aesthetic – there are lavish restaurants, historical cafes, and off-beaten-path little buffets. Basically, they can all surprise you with some tasty food, but for now, we suggest Il Covo Marino.

Sitting in a tiny fishing village, Il Covo Marino is one of the least-known but the most superb pasta places in Sicily. While there are no picturesque surroundings for you to enjoy, and the restaurant is not the most aesthetically decorated one, the food makes up for everything! Enjoy the seafood pasta with the fresh ingredients from the day’s fishing trips, and pair it with the most delicious Sicilian wine.

Pasta Ingredients

There you go! Five great cities and five outstanding restaurants to visit to feed that foodie inside of you! Just remember that most places in Italy are late to open, so check availability and working hours before setting off. Remember to be brave while trying out new flavors, and bring some recipes home. Good luck, and buon appetito!

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Written by Marcus Richards

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