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Threats to Your Company Everywhere

We are living in an organizational world nowadays. Physical stores are still a thing, yet online companies are also increasingly popular. If you are running a physical store, you might be aware of some threats that might occur. Nevertheless, nowadays, online threats are also rising. With this blog we would like to make you aware of the consequential threats that might occur. Sometimes a reminder is not that bad, right? So please read beneath through, we will give you some insights about things that might harm your physical or online company and give you tricks on how to avoid it.

Physical stores and it’s threats

One of the most occurring threats that managers are not thinking of, is the loss of their unique selling points. This threat can be derived from other upcoming companies, or a loss of interest in your own company. If you are losing your unique selling point, you should be aware that other companies are becoming even more popular as your store. This will threaten your revenue and customer loyalty! Another important threat that should be taken into consideration, is the price you ask customers to pay for your products. If you notice that less customers are visiting your store, you should investigate if there are other companies that might offer their products for less money than you do! If you do not change your price and make it even with your competitor’s prices, it might harm your customer base for real.

Online stores and it’s threats

Above physical threats of course can also occur within your online company. Nevertheless, there is a threat that is much greater than that. Curious? We understand. Have you ever heard about online piracy? This is, illegal companies copying your identity or the products you offer. For example, you are a company that offers Spanish classes, and such companies copy the ‘’to-pay-for-content’’ and share it for free. This will result in less customers, because it is offered for free somewhere else. Less customers means less revenue; something you definitely would not want for your company, right? There are a few solutions to engage with when aiming to make sure that illegal piracy is not happening at your online company. For example, you could engage with an anti-piracy company. Such a company offers constant illegal practices tracking and makes sure that, when the piracy is happening, the actions and offers are taken down. They track all possible platforms that can be used for online piracy!

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Written by Marcus Richards

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