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The Best Roulette Strategies To Try Today

If you are searching for the most successful technique or general guide to the game of roulette, you will find hundreds of websites, books and statistical charts that give you tons of tips and tricks to do so. However, they all eventually reach the same conclusion: there is no strategy that is foolproof and no technique that can guarantee you a win.

Roulette is a game based on skill, yes, but also on pure luck.

What has been found though, is that a hands-on approach to testing different ways over a long period of time has been proven to help a player equal the casino advantage in the short-to-medium term.

What will always remain, however, is that the underlying house edge will always triumph. But even while chance will ultimately have the final say in how much you win, there’s no reason why you shouldn’t try roulette betting techniques which have been proven to work every so often.

So, What Are the Most Effective Roulette Techniques?

Roulette payouts can be helpful for gamblers because they will know exactly how much they can win back depending on the bet they make (such as column, dozen, even bets, single number etc.), but in order to win, you have to know how to bet.

Over the years, gamers and mathematicians have collaborated to find strategies to beat roulette’s statistical probability. Many have come up with betting methods, however, the majority of roulette tactics have disappointed and cost players money.

As a result, various forms of roulette betting systems have arisen over the years, demonstrating their accuracy and reliability. You now have a choice of not one, but six such systems. The systems that we know work now are:

  1. Fibonacci
  2. Martingale
  3. Reverse Martingale
  4. Labouchere
  5. D’Alembert
  6. James Bond

Progressive and Non-Progressive Roulette Strategies

If you want to distinguish between the different betting systems, we suggest categorizing them as progressive or non-progressive.

Progressive roulette strategies are quick and simple to learn, and players who are just starting to strategize about roulette in general prefer them.

Progressive Strategies


Martingale and Fibonacci are two common options here, both of which are considered standard roulette betting strategies. Clearly, Martingale takes precedence because it is the most straightforward to understand.

Martingale basically states that you should wager a unit and then double after each loss.

Only wager on even-money outer bets — 1-18, 19-36, black, red, odd and even– to use the Martingale effectively. They have the best chance of winning (nearly 50%), but the smallest payment — 1:1. This means you’ll win the same amount you bet on the spin. In general, those are the safest wagers you can make in a roulette game.


The Fibonacci is a safe roulette technique, yet it can still win. Fibonacci wasn’t originally a roulette technique; it’s a simple Mathematical theory where you add the two previous numbers to get the next number. You don’t have to start at 1; as long as the previous two numbers combined add up to the next one.

Reverse Martingale

Statistically, doubling your wager after a win is safer than the usual strategy, and that is what the Reverse Martingale calls for.

The strategy is optimal for outside bets since you require the largest mathematical chance to win, which is around 50% when it comes to outside bets.


Gamblers do not undertake aggressive stake increases under this system.

You gamble in fixed amounts instead. Picking a betting unit is the first step. Typically, 0.50 percent of your overall bankroll, as long as the minimum betting limit is met. Depending on whether you won or lost, you should increase or decrease your stake size by one unit with this approach.


Another interesting roulette method to consider is Labouchere. It effectively instructs you to divide the money you want to win into many bets. You are unlikely to run out of betting room just because you have reached that limit.


Non-progressive roulette betting systems are just what they imply. You will no longer have to worry about increasing the stakes after each bet. These strategies are underwhelming, and they aim to keep you safe while increasing your winnings.

James Bond

Designed by James Bond creator Ian Fleming, this system requires no increase in the value of your wagers, you just have to bet on specific combinations, which are:

  • $14 on 19-36
  • $5 on 13-18
  • $1 on zero

This technique is significantly riskier than the others because it relies on luck more than anything else.

The biggest concern is the house edge, which will undoubtedly come into play. However, even if you do lose, your losses are unlikely to be significant.

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Written by Marcus Richards

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