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5 Reasons to Play Demo Slots

Some slot players cannot see past demo slot play being a waste of time. Others see it as being highly beneficial for when you play the Mega Reel. There is much that players can learn from demo slots, so they shouldn’t be dismissed so easily. Here are 5 reasons why it is useful to practice slot playing.

1. Registration

Some of the time the public can play slots in demo mode at online casinos or slot developer sites without having to register or share their private data with anyone. New laws restricting demo play in the UK have made registration-free demo slot playing a little more difficult than it used to be, and some demo slot sites are either restricted or now ask customers to prove their age. Despite this, you can still play slots without passing on any personal information.

2. Banking Details

Apart from sharing your name, date of birth, and address with online casinos, the next biggest worry for slot players involves sharing banking details and card details on sites. Demo slots do not need and banking details to be spun and this means card numbers and other banking information remain private and secure.

3. Game Choice

With hundreds of slot games on the market, not all are worth playing. Games can be narrowed down by themes or by word of mouth from friends and experienced slot players, but nothing equals spinning these games personally.

Demo play allows you to spin games with all the special features and bonuses still active. The only difference is that you are given an imaginary bank balance and no real cash can be won or lost. Because it offers realistic slot play, players can sift through the good and the bad the slot world has to offer, without spending real cash on inferior games. Many online casino customers discover their favourite slots through demo play.

4. RTP Score

Much has been made about the Return to Player percentage score of slots lately. This is a score that is generated under controlled conditions. Here slots are spun many times, over an extended period and the amount wagered versus the amount won is closely monitored. These are then compared, and a percentage score is issued to each game.

A high RTP scoring slot should return a large percentage of what a player wagers, back to them over time. Some critics of the RTP score claim slots never behave the way their RTP score suggests, and that the longer an individual sticks to one game, the more likely it is to take all their cash. Demo play allows punters to test the RTP score of slots risk-free. Here they can discover if high RTP scoring games really do offer a steady stream of winning spins and whether low RTP games are more unpredictable and tighter than high scoring ones.

5. Bonuses

The main attraction of any slot is the bonus round and demo play allow players to experience a slot bonus for free. Here they can learn if a particular bonus is worth waiting for or whether it is overhyped. Demo mode also allows you to buy a bonus, which has been outlawed on most slots when playing with real cash, by the UK Gambling Commission.

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Written by Marcus Richards

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