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Best Startup Events To Visit In 2022

Having a genius idea is good but sharing it with the world is better. That is why connections are especially important for startup companies. Even if you already have a team of professionals and a clear plan on how to implement your idea, this is not enough for a startup to enter a large market. You should have a solid backup who can support you financially and who is willing to see your startup growing. You can meet such organizations at startup events. Is this the first time you heard about such an opportunity? Then move on with us and discover for yourself the best startup events and their concepts.


Why Visit Startup Events?

A startup event is your best chance to declare your idea to the world. It’s also a great place to build connections, which can be your winning card in developing a business in the future. Read the top 4 reasons why you should visit startup events.

  • You can meet investors there. Investors come to such events in search of talented startup owners who are not afraid of challenges. Even if you are not offered cooperation, your team can be recommended among the right people.
  • You can find new employees. There is no need to look for professionals from different sources. They are all gathered at one of the startup conferences. And you can hire them quicker than your competitors.
  • You can get inspiration. You will see many experts and people who are passionate about their business. They will motivate you to set even higher goals.
  • You can become popular with little effort. There are always a lot of journalists and interviewers at startup events. And on such occasions, you can awaken the awareness of your brand and become more recognizable.

What Are The Types Of Startup Events To Attend?

The variety of events to meet investors and influencers is enormous. With each passing year, the number of organizers ready to hold online and offline events is growing. Choose a convenient option from the following types of events.

  • Conferences
  • Workshops
  • Speaker sessions
  • Seminars
  • Sponsorships
  • Forums
  • Festivals
  • Webinars
  • Networking sessions
  • Expos
  • Trading shows

Depending on your goal, choose an event format. For example, at conferences, you will be able to listen to interesting speakers, at workshops, you will be able to perform tasks under the guidance of the organizers. And if your goal is to show your idea to the world – choose forums whose main purpose is to present new projects.


What Challenges Do Startups Usually Face?

Being very fresh and unfamiliar with the rules of the game, startups face multiple challenges which can either make them stronger or question their existence. See what problems can be a stumbling block for many startup companies.

  • Lack of financial support. It is always a challenge for startups when it comes to calculating a budget. There are so many aspects that need covering and it becomes difficult to predict a final sum.
  • Lack of a structured plan. The establishment of a new company consists of many processes. And from the beginning, it is difficult for startups to figure out what to do.
  • Lack of market knowledge. Even if you have an incredibly unique idea, you will always have competitors in the startup market. And the better you know your competitors, the easier it is to stay in the market.
  • Lack of customers. Launching a business from scratch equals earning customers from scratch. This can be a major problem even for successful products.

How Startup Events Can Help You Manage The Challenges?

By visiting a startup event, you can save yourself from many failures. You can find your “angel” – an investor that will support your idea financially. An event can bring you a new circle of influencers which can result in building strong connections. You can meet successful startups and learn from their experiences. And you can promote your idea to a greater range of people who might be your potential clients.

How To Prepare For Presentation At A Startup Event?

“Brevity is the soul of wit”. This should be your rule number one for preparing a presentation. Don’t overload the audience with information. Prepare visual content. It always works better than words. Demonstrate a prototype of your product and let guests try it. Emphasize how your idea can help people, not the profits you can make. Don’t make it a formal speech. Include more interactions and jokes and it will make your presentation memorable.

Top Startups Events to Visit in 2022

Are you a startup owner looking for new ideas and useful contacts? In this case, you should pay attention to startup events that will be held this year. Here we have collected the top startup events in 2022.

Hub.Berlin Conference

One of the upcoming events for startup owners will be held in Germany from 5 to 6 April. This event is not only a meeting place for entrepreneurs. It is also an exhibition where the most relevant technologies from around the world will be collected. Therefore, you can not only hear about new technologies but also see them with your own eyes.

World Summit Al Americas

If you have always dreamed of learning from the top executives, then you should visit Montreal this spring. Here at the conference, you will have the opportunity to get to the speeches of the best entrepreneurs in the world, find new partners and get motivation for your further development.

Dublin Tech Summit

The capital of Ireland has become a hub for startup companies. That is why this summer one of the best conferences in the world is planned to be held here. At Dublin Tech Summit, you will meet developers from all over the world, ask your questions and get an unforgettable experience that you can apply to your company.

Collision Summit

This conference will take place this June in Toronto, Canada. Interestingly, it will be attended not only by well-known and novice entrepreneurs. There will also be many famous people, among them Canadian actor Ryan Reynolds. Therefore, if you want to combine a business trip with a pleasant pastime, Collision Summit is the best choice.

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Written by Marcus Richards

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