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Atomic Camo in CoD: Vanguard by TrueCost

Call of Duty has attracted thousands of players, but they all dream of simplifying the gameplay. You go through levels, complete missions, complete tasks and get a reward. These are weapons, armor, pumping your hero, and so on. Unlocking the Vanguard Atomic camo can be difficult because your character needs to complete missions.

And for this he can only use basic weapons from the arsenal. Each weapon class has types. Unlock the easy options first, then the diamond ones, and then the atomic ones. Not all players are ready to go to the last type because it takes a long time. They want to simplify the game and jump over many missions.

How To Get Atomic Camo?

You need to complete missions and fulfill all conditions in order to continue the game and receive bonuses. It is long and interesting, but sometimes it can annoy the players. They want to “jump over” tasks. And there is the best way for that. Boosting your game account is the easiest way to get more cool stuff for your hero.

Without this feature, you are slowly moving towards your goal. Your hero needs to fight with the arsenal that he has. But the more weapons, armor, and camo he had, the more chances he would have won every battle. Some tasks may fail and you need to start over. Some battles can be played and you go back a few steps again. This kind of game is really annoying.

You need to complete the task to get the camouflage. It is quite difficult to get all types of this quickly. If your hero wants a Golden Mastery camouflage for a weapon, then you must unlock all other camo types for that particular weapon. Perhaps it all sounds simple. But this is not the case because this is the completion of all missions with weapons. But your character only has certain weapons. Complete missions and a new camo will open for you.

Tips for Unlocking the Vanguard Atomic Camo

Each camouflage category is a set of different tasks that you must complete in full. Almost all tasks for increasing the level of camo are the same. Launchers and edged weapons may differ. You can also say that the problems with a pistol, an assault rifle, a machine gun are also the same. But there are useful tips to simplify the gameplay:

  • The more destruction your hero gets, the more camouflage skins you will unlock in a certain category. But until you collect them all.
  • The higher the level of your weapon, the more types of camouflages you will unlock.
  • Experienced players are also advised to enable Blitz pace for Team Deathmatch. But it will be useful if you are not against other players of which there will be quite a lot.

Maybe these tips will help you, but there is an easier method to improve your hero. Buy Atomic camo unlock and get all the cool stuff in half an hour. There is a proven service that will help you with Camo boosting at an affordable price and in compliance with the rules of confidentiality.

Our Service for Exciting Game

You trust your character to experienced players who have a high status. And this is the most important thing in battles. And the qualified players of the TrueCost team will help you with boosting.

We offer:

  1. 70 level – 27 primary weapons
  2. SMGs: M1928, PPSH-41, MP-40, Type 100, Sten, Owen Gun,
  3. 60 level – 5 secondary weapons
  4. Upgrading your Battle Pass and improving your account experience
  5. Handguns: 1911, Ratt, Machine Pistol, Top Break, Klauser,
  6. ARs: Itra Burst, STG44, NZ-41, Automaton, Bar, Volkssturmgewehr, AS44.

Atomic camo is very important in the code because it is necessary for the mastery of the weapon. They upgrade your hero and you get a battle pass. You will not be bored and the gameplay will become even more exciting.

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Written by Marcus Richards

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