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Vaping: Why You Need To Start Now

The reasons why people vape have been changing. Only a few people are vaping to quit the smoking habit. More people are vaping to enhance their social image. This was based on a study that looked into Twitter and analyzed what people post on the platform about vaping. Before you come up with your own opinion about this phenomenon, it is better to know more about its fundamentals.

Vaping and Its Cost

Vaping is cheaper compared to smoking. The initial spend may cost more than a packet of cigarettes. You will need an e-cig starter kit, spare coils, and e-liquid. After this, the cost is really up to you. The weekly spend is often on ejuice and some vaping accessories which you may buy every couple of weeks. Some people once they get the hang of it upgrade their vape kit. Those who enjoy it often start a collection of vape kits. Get the proper setup from the start will help you save up.

Is it hard to switch to vaping?

Different people have varying ways and timelines when it comes to shifting to vaping. Some people only have one puff and decide to get rid of it. They may also get rid of cigarettes along with the vape for good. Some people take time to become more used to it. This is so because it’s more methodical than smoking a cigarette, which only requires you to light up and smoke immediately. Vaping requires more. You have to use the vape juice and refill it. You may have to change the coils, and it demands a certain type of inhalation. You have to choose the right strength of nicotine. Some people try to gradually decrease it until they completely get rid of it.

Vaping Versus Smoking

Vaping has been getting a lot of negative publicity, yet despite it reports have shown that it is at least 95 percent less harmful compared to smoking. There is also no known risk for second-hand vapor. It’s not a guarantee that your health will improve but what is known for a fact is that thousands of people have switched from smoking to vaping. Almost all of these have reported improvements in their well-being. Online vaping forum sites also show this information.

Smoker’s Cough Gone

Once you quit cigarettes, you will notice an increase in your coughing. This is in fact a cleansing process for your lungs. It’s your lungs’ way of releasing toxins that accumulated after years of smoking tobacco cigarettes. Smoking causes a buildup of tar and mucus on the tissue surface of the airways and lungs.

The Convenience of Vaping

Convenience is one of the top advantages of vaping when compared to smoking. It’s because you need not pop out just to vape. This is especially true when you vape at home. You don’t feel guilty if you vape inside the house instead of doing it in the rain or snow. When you do it outside, you won’t have to contend with complaints from the neighbors. One other advantage is that vaping won’t require lighting up or preparing ashtrays. People who vape can enjoy it anywhere they want even in not-so-public areas.

The Satisfaction It Brings

Satisfaction is another significant reason for people to switch to vaping after they try it for the first time. It’s the satisfaction and comfort you get even without your cigarette that gives vaping the advantage. This has some plus points when you are trying to stay on track to quitting the smoking habit. Using an e-cigarette can be really enjoyable. It allows you to do all the actions involved in smoking cigarettes. You can savor super-rich flavors and aromas and get lost in a thick cloud of vapor while at it. You can sense that satisfying buzz and have something to pair up with your morning coffee.

Vaping Satisfaction Leads to Less Smoking

Once you taste the satisfaction from vaping, you have fewer chances of missing the smoking habit. The market now has different kinds of vape kits that are intended for people to quit smoking. Vaping can give smokers cleaner, less toxic, and richer flavors and aromas that can provide satisfaction which can’t be done by cigarettes. You don’t have to contend with stale smokiness. There’s only rich and pure flavor and a kick from nicotine if you like.

Livelier Social Life

Vaping will help you to maintain your vibrant social life after you quit smoking. It is now a common habit, and it is already socially acceptable to many. This simply means you need not be a hermit just because you have stopped smoking. Vaping can also help a smoker to quit smoking for good even if the habit is a result of constant peer pressure. With vaping, you can still hang out with your smoking peers right after you give up the habit. There’s no need for you to feel left out.

The House and Your Clothes Become Cleaner and Smelling Fresh

Vaping can still leave traces of its slight smell on clothes, furniture, and curtains; but the smell is not as bad as the smell from tobacco cigarettes. With vaping, you can expect to come home to a cleaner and fresh-smelling home with no ashtrays to empty and clean.

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Written by Marcus Richards

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