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6 Tips to Select the Right Dealer to Junk Your Car

It is indeed sad to see your beloved car, with thousands of miles under its belt, sitting defunct. With so many precious memories of it, you might find yourself questioning if you can ever muster the heart to part with your car.

But when it’s time, you must ensure that you get the true worth against your car, and in the most hassle-free way. If you are someone who asks “I wonder if junk my car is legit? Yes, it is legit, as long as you find a licensed junk dealer and follow the due local rules set by the DMV.

Know Your Car’s Value

Firstly, you must know what the value of your car is in its present condition. You will be surprised to know how much the spare parts alone might be able to fetch you after a thorough appraisal. There are many free online services where you can get an idea of what your car is worth.

Be Aware of Law

Before proceeding further, it is necessary to be aware of the local laws regarding junking a car. Many interested owners wonder “if my junk car is legit?” and rightly so.

In many places, the DMV requires the vehicle owner to apply for registering their vehicle as ‘junk’ before being granted permission to dismantle it. Failure to comply might incur a fine and investigation.


Your car may have broken down, but it’s still worth a lot of money. Do not settle for the first offer you come across. Research and see how much amount different dealers are offering and select the top three from among them.

You must be wondering, “why not go directly to the highest bidder?”

While money is a significant factor in making this decision, there are other factors in this list that need to be factored in, or it may end up turning into a real annoyance.


A company’s reputation often precedes itself, especially in the online world. Check out the latest reviews that the dealership has gotten from its customers on social media sites and Google. You can also skim through their website and check their testimonials page.

In more than 80 percent of the cases, you will get a pretty clear idea about the nature of their dealings. If there’s anything kitschy, the reviews will almost certainly reveal it. Also, make sure that the dealership has acquired all the necessary permits and licenses.


Are you willing to travel for hours to sign the necessary documents to finalize the deal? Probably not. You want the dealership as close to your address as possible. Also, different regions have different regulations about junk cars, so having your dealership in an area with dissimilar laws won’t make sense.

Another decisive factor to keep in mind is towing of the vehicle. Ideally, the dealership you select should provide free towing services. But that service might get nullified if the distance becomes too great.

Total Time

You should consider the total time it usually takes the dealership to complete the entire process – from appraising your car and transporting the vehicle to making the payment.

What you want is a fast and streamlined process that takes the car off your hands and compensates you adequately. Otherwise, it might become hectic for you to attend to other obligations if it stretches on for too long.

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Written by Marcus Richards

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