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Best Way to Take Care of New Car

There are lots of expert tips and helpful surprising tricks that you can use to help extend the life of your car. From using car seat covers to changing the oil on time, make sure to follow these tips to get the most out of your car which was likely a large investment.

It takes time to break a car in, so be patient

When you first buy a new car, there’s a period of breaking in period of time that you’ll notice; this is generally during the first 1,000 miles. You’ll want to be very careful during this breaking-in time period, especially when you accelerate. Only use light to medium acceleration and make sure the first 1,000 miles don’t involve you revving past 3,000 RPMs.

Always get good gas

You’ll also want to make sure that you always get good gas, and the best way to do this is by going to a reputable gas provider, such as Five Star or Shell.

Be easy on it when you drive in the snow

If you drive are going to be driving in the snow or on ice, make sure your tires are good. You’ll always want to make sure the tires have the appropriate tread on them to get you safely from point A to point B. The transmission and clutch (if applicable) are going to operate much differently in snow, so it’s important to take it slow and easy, especially if you get stuck. You should also consider using a windshield snow cover to keep the windows free of ice and snow, which is crucial to seeing when you drive in hazardous weather.

Don’t have so much stuff on your keychain

If your car takes an actual key in the ignition to start, you don’t want to keep a bunch of heavy accessories on your keychain. If you do, it can cause the ignition to not work properly. To avoid this, simply don’t have so much stuff (especially the heavy accessories and charms) on your keychain.

Pick a good car insurance carrier

You’ll always want to pick a good, quality car insurance carrier because you never know what may happen. You can always inquire and check out their website. If you’re interested in SR22, you can get an SR22 insurance quote and see if it fits your needs. Even if you’re the safest driver in the world, you could still end up in a car wreck or accident with someone who doesn’t have insurance, therefore, making it all the more important that you do have a good carrier.

Use car seat covers from day one

Using car seat covers from day one is one of the best suggestions that you can follow to help ensure your car stays looking the best as soon as you pull it off the lot.

Are you ready to start making sure your car lasts as long as possible and looks its best from the first day you buy it? If so, now is the time to put car safety and quality care at the top of your priority list. You’ll be glad you did.

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Written by Marcus Richards

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