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5 Accessories That Can Improve and Enhance Your Car in Different Ways

It is said that a single car is made out of thirty thousand parts, from the wheel that stirs its movements down to the smallest chip on its ECU. Even so, there is always a huge room for improvement in your vehicle, be it appearance or engine performance. Add spice to the way you drive with accessories that improve your car in different ways. So your car won’t miss out, get your hands on new parts that will enhance its features. Here are five awesome upgrades your car should have.

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LED Headlamps

Most, if not all, stock light bulbs in headlamps are made of halogen or xenon, which produce more heat yet lesser illumination. These types of lights are inefficient especially when driving at nighttime. A good replacement to them are the modern yet reasonably priced LED bulbs. They use a smaller voltage from the car battery but emits a brighter light that mimics daylight on the eyes. And contrary to stock headlight bulbs, LED headlamps have a longer lifespan.

Body Kits

A change of side spoiler and bumper will add substantial value to your vehicle’s aesthetics more than its performance. But it shouldn’t be something to shun on the side. With the right material, new kits can make your car’s body lighter, subsequently improving its speed when driven. Carbon fiber body kits, for example, are lightweight and ideal for sedans. Apart from that, adding side skirts or fender flares, for Ford Ranger and other big trucks for instance, also help protect them from rough terrain.

Body Decals

Nothing makes a car more distinct than a customized body decal. These are vinyl stickers that can be added on the car door, roof, and even on the windshield. Decals come in different designs, colors, and style. Some have a matte finish with two-tone colors while some are in single-color satin. Undoubtedly, decals make a good improvement on the appearance of your car.

Smart Rearview Mirror

While exterior upgrades are good investments, you should consider adding new accessories to your car as well. A smart rearview mirror is one to add on top of your list. Distracted driving has been one of the most common reason for road accidents in the past years. Avoid this misfortune with a replacement mirror that comes with a video monitor and an onscreen navigation program. This kind of rearview mirror also changes its visibility depending on the time of day. Improve the way you drive with a more accessible navigation within your line of sight.

Modified Stereo System

While working on the interior, upgrading the stereo system of your car makes for a viable idea, especially if you’re inclined to listen to music while driving. There are several ways to improve the audio system: bigger speakers, improved subwoofer, and more. Speakers of brands such as Pioneer, Sony, and JBL make good options for your next stereo system. Other high-end brands, like Alpine and Rockford Fosgate, are always appreciated too. Better car sounds make a good companion on long drives and could even make your vehicle turn heads as you pass by. Some car owners even go the extra mile by adding LED strip lights to go with the speaker upgrade.

A car mirrors the person who drives it, and yours should be just as exceptional. Make your vehicle’s appearance stand out and take its performance to a whole new level. Have better headlights with LED bulbs, lighter body weight with new kits, cooler style with decals, improved navigation with smart mirrors, and enhanced sound system with modified speakers. Take note of these five accessories to add or upgrade on your car and cruise on the road with a brand-new attitude.

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Written by Nat Sauteed

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