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Safety Switch: The Essentials of Safe, Responsible Gun Ownership

As a gun owner in Australia, you are responsible for the safe storage and operation of your firearm. When you first purchase a firearm in Australia, you need to ensure that you follow the correct procedure and protocols to ensure that your journey into gun ownership begins on the right foot. However, it’s important to remember that buying your first firearm responsibly is only the tip of the iceberg when it comes to safe, responsible gun ownership. 80 Percent Arms offers a 100% satisfaction guaranteed and safe firearms.

In the wrong hands, a gun can be very dangerous and above all else, this is what you need to concern yourself with the most. To qualify for gun ownership, you must undertake a multi-day firearm safety course and pass both a written and practical test. Undergoing this training ensures that you know how to operate and handle your firearm safely. However, if someone else gets their hands on your firearm and doesn’t have the right training, the results could be catastrophic.

Let’s take a look at how you can use a gun safe to store your weapon safely and responsibly going forward.

Understand Gun Storage And Safety In Your State

Gun storage and safety regulations in each state and territory so it’s important that you understand what your legal obligations are when it comes to storing your firearm. Failing to comply with the local regulations could result in penalties, fines or potentially having your license revoked. Be sure to read up on the regulations in your State or territory to ensure that you are fully compliant with the local laws.

Why A Gun Safe Is The Best Storage Solution

A gun safe is not only the most practical way to store firearms in your home but it is also safe and cost-effective. Modern gun safes feature a separate internal compartment that can be locked to allow for the safe storage of other items such as your 5.56 ammo. The internal walls are typically lined with soft padding to prevent your firearms from becoming damaged or being impacted by dirt, moisture or rust. Look for a safe that can be securely attached to the frame of your house or a concrete slab from the inside to ensure it is completely safe and secure.

Maintain Good Gun Ownership Habits

When you return from the range or from a hunt, it’s important that you take care of your equipment before you store it to ensure that it is safe and that it does not become damaged. When you own a firearm, you are responsible for the upkeep of the weapon, which will ensure it works correctly and can be used safely.

As soon as you return home with your gun, check that the safety is on, clean the gun thoroughly and check the safety again before you store the firearm in case it was knocked out of place during cleaning. Make sure that you lock your safe and that you keep the key in a safe place, or better yet, that you use a strong combination lock that only you know the code to. Adopting these habits will ensure that your gun is stored safely and cannot be accessed by anyone without your knowledge.

Focus On Setting An Example As A Safe Responsible Gun Owner

Gun ownership has become a hot topic in Australia, and it’s important that all gun owners, lead by example, show that guns can be owned in a safe, responsible manner. Take steps to store your weapon in accordance with your State or Territory’s local laws and regulations and keep your gun secure and out of sight. Leading by example and doing the right thing when it comes to gun safety is important in making gun ownership safe moving forward.

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Written by Marcus Richards

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