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5 Hidden Benefits of Having USAA Auto Insurance

For a lot of people, trying to select the right car insurance is a daunting task. With so many companies offering different policies, coverage, and premium rates, that makes sense. That is why comparing car insurance policies is important. That alone simplifies the task that, in turn, reduces unnecessary stress.

When it comes to auto insurance, you have an abundance of options. However, one company deserves your consideration. USAA might not be a name you immediately recognize. After learning about several hidden benefits, though, it could be exactly what you want and need. Keep in mind that to use the services provided by this company, you must serve in the military or have affiliation through direct family members.

1. Diversification

As a diversified financial services company, USAA provides more than auto insurance. The organization also helps customers with investing and banking needs. So, if you are a current member of any military branch, whether the Army, Marines, Navy, Air Force, Coast Guard, and even National Guards and Reserves, or you have a close family member who is, you can take advantage of USAA’s financial services.

2. Unrivaled Discounts

Almost all insurance companies offer policyholders discounts to reduce their premiums. USAA takes that to another level. Below are some of the amazing discounts offered through this company.

Defensive Driving

This requires you to take an approved class but once complete, the discount applies to your policy.

Safe Driver

With a clean driving record for at least five years, USAA will give you a discount. Unfortunately, this is not offered in the state of Hawaii.

Driver’s Training

For drivers under the age of 21, a discount is available for taking this type of training. However, it is not available in New York, Hawaii, and North Carolina.


As implied, by having USAA cover more than one vehicle, you save money.

New Vehicle

This is if you drive a car less than three years old, but it is not offered in New York.

Good Student

Car insurance coverage for teenagers is expensive. However, if they maintain a good GPA, you get a discount on your premiums. This does not apply to students living in New York, Hawaii, and North Carolina.


Insured parents with children under the age of 25 who maintain a good driving record will benefit from a 10 percent discount for at least three years.

Annual Mileage

If you are over 29 but do not put many miles on your vehicle each year, you qualify for this discount. However, it is not available in North Carolina and Hawaii.

Vehicle Storage

USAA even offers a discount of up to 60 percent whenever you store your car at a secure location. Like other discounts, this does not apply in some states, including North Carolina, Hawaii, and Virginia.


Having USAA handle all your insurance needs is another great way to save. Simply put, you can buy separate policies for your home, rental properties, personal valuables, life insurance, small business, and a lot more with just one insurer.

Military Installment

By keeping your car on the base, you will get up to a 15 percent discount, with the exclusion of New York. If you live in California, this only applies to collision coverage.

3. Affordable Rates

By switching to USAA for your car insurance, you can expect to save several hundred dollars each year. Benefiting from a reduction in premiums is common whenever someone switches insurance companies. However, USAA keeps its rates affordable all the time.

4. Payment Flexibility

A common complaint heard from drivers across the country is that their provider does not give them enough options to make a payment. Not everyone gets paid in the same way or at the same time. So, payment flexibility is important to many policyholders. USAA understands this frustration, which is why a representative will customize a payment scheduled specifically to your needs.

5. Accident Forgiveness

One last benefit you should know about is that USAA offers accident forgiveness. That means if you drive for five years without causing an accident, but then things change, the company will not increase your premium or alter your coverage. One important note, though, this is not available in New York, North Carolina, California, Delaware, and Connecticut.

The bottom line is that if the military is part of your life, it is worth your time to check out everything that USAA can do for you regarding your insurance, banking, and investing needs.

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Written by Marcus Richards

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