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4 Benefits When You Trade Cryptocurrencies From Your Phone!

Trading crypto from your phone is now possible, and convenient, to say the least. This is especially true for users and/or investors who follow crypto-news by the second and observe high-frequency trading.

Here’s a rundown of the benefits of crypto-trading via your Android or Smartphone

Why Trade Crypto From Your Smartphone Or Android: 4 Incredible Reasons

1. 24-Hour Access, Monitoring And Trading

With markets being revamped and techno-tized for automation, trading has become a 24-hour gig, with round-the-clock movements that you will want to keep your eye on consistently. From morning until, well, the next morning. And so on and so forth.

But with cryptocurrency, this no-sleep cycle has been there since its kick-off introduction in ‘09. This decentralized digital currency does not follow conventional market trends and predictions. In fact, there’s no way to predict it the way experts analyze and strategize about the stock market.

Cryptocurrency pricing and subsequently, coin-value, has no economic basis. These variables are not linked to centralized regulators like banks and governments. So, their movement is based on their own workings of demand and supply. Beyond that, their pricing and value markers rise and fall without warning.

Since your handheld is a gadget that is constantly accessible to you, you can easily monitor said fluctuations to adjust your crypto-trading. While observing your personal investment stop losses, of course.

2. More Opportunities

Swifter access to crypto-trading through your mobile phone equates to an increased likelihood of gaining wider opportunities as a crypto-user and/or investor (By the way, miners can mine only through Androids that support crypto-mining operating systems).

Why does easy-access to trading mean better opportunities for yield? Because of number 1. You get to monitor numbers, then buy, sell, and/or trade regardless of the time of day. There’s no lock-in schedule. No cut-offs and deadlines.

3. Quick Transfers And Liquidity

Trading your preferred cryptocurrencies through your phone gives you a medium for reaching your preferred cryptocurrency exchange platforms and bank accounts with so much convenience.

You’re already managing your financial accounts through apps on your phone. You’ll simply be adding trading into the mix. Exchanging your fiat currency to their crypto-coin equivalent, transferring said coins to your digital wallet, and using your wallet for cryptocurrency transactions— all is within the touch of your fingertips, as the cliché goes. And quite literally at that!

4. A Single Medium For All Your Crypto-Works

Blockchain technology (the very blood and network of blood vessels of cryptocurrencies) is, in itself, more secure than the process of information transferral and archiving which banks utilize. Having said that, it is still up to users to amp up the safeguarding of their accounts, wallets, transactions, you name it.

Aside from default security measures that your digi-wallet and exchange platform provides, have a single device for your crypto buying and selling. It’s a manual approach. This much is true. But that doesn’t make it any less effective in terms of user and account security for cryptocurrencies.

You can create and log in to numerous online exchange platforms, access your digi-wallet, and link your bank accounts to the same, in one go. These, with the assurance that they are safeguarded through a sole electronic device.

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Written by Marcus Richards

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