What Are Temporary Buildings And Does Your Business Need One?

Particularly given the unique challenges posed by the last year, businesses are always looking for fresh ways to stay ahead of the game and improve productivity. Sometimes, it’s as easy a fix as investing in a few new hires or switching up the workflow but there are other situations where what’s required is a little more physical space.

But what if you’re not going to need that space forever? Or what if you don’t fancy the sheer expense of buying or renting a larger or additional space? Have you considered temporary buildings?

What is a temporary building?

If you were at school in the 90s then chances are you know exactly what temporary buildings look like. We all spent time learning maths or science in those bulky buildings propped up on concrete blocks.

These are buildings that can be erected and taken down in mere days rather than months and they can be used by everyone from businesses and schools to governmental agencies. But why might temporary buildings be the perfect fit for your business?

Cost – Business owners are always looking for ways to cut costs and constructing new permanent buildings or renting/buying new space is about as profound as expenses get. Then there are the costs involved in maintaining it to consider too. That’s why a temporary commercial building (or buildings) could be such an ideal fit; they are significantly cheaper to set up than conventional structures.

Installation – There’s a common adage that “time is money” and that rings true here as all the time you might invest in a brand-new building is going to cost you significantly in terms of disruption and construction costs. Temporary buildings, meanwhile, can be erected potentially in a matter of days and your regular business operations shouldn’t be interrupted much either. The lightning-quick installation also means it’s an ideal solution if you are in desperate need of more space right now!

Flexibility – There is a modular ethos at the heart of temporary buildings that makes them innately flexible. Not only can they work as different buildings for various purposes from one day to the next but they can be expanded quite easily if you find more room is needed on the fly. They are also endlessly customizable and can even be used as permanent structures if you come to the conclusion that they are more than enough to see you through.

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Written by Marcus Richards

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