Factors to Consider When Designing and Creating the Best Signage

A significant number of businesses are increasingly recognizing the importance of signage in attracting the target audiences. Several surveys have shown that contemporary businesses are warming up to the idea that spectacular signage designs can help to attract more people. Similarly, more people can see the signage of a given business while passing by. This is an indication that placing signage that is attractive, for instance, on the roadside, can draw the attention of a significant number of passersby. In this respect, companies can endeavor to incorporate signages in their marketing plan for overall results in terms of appealing to the target audiences. However, there are several factors that businesses need to consider in efforts to achieve a better outcome with signages.

Here are some of the factors need to be considered in the effort to design and create the best signages:

Select colors in a careful manner

The color that a business entity is likely to select plays an important role in not only creating a unique identity but also a catchy signage design. In the arena of graphics design, color can be used to establish the type of color that a given brand intends to be associated with. Subsequently, due to the smaller sizes that are synonymous with signages, it is advisable for signage brands such as sketch and etch to create signages for clients using colors that can be noticed quickly. For instance, red color can be spotted instantly. In marketing as well as branding, it is also critical to pay attention to the psychology of color, especially when aiming to design unforgettable signages. Conversely, colors to avoid when designing signages are those considered to be trendy because their appeal is likely to fade off fast.

Ensure the signage is readable

In an increasingly competitive business environment where a significant number of businesses are competing for the same market share, the message you intend to convey to your target audience using signage should endeavor to reach them at a glance. One of the best ways to ensure people receive your message is through signage which is to create a contrast in the design of your signage. This is because; having two elements in your design can generate a contrasting effect that draws the attention of viewers’ eyes. As such, it follows that contrast is a major factor in creating an engaging sign.

Emphasize using larger letters

The use of larger letters enables you to create a sign that is visible to the target audience even from a distance. In places, where the design is not visible, then, it may fail to achieve its intended purpose. As such, for a more guaranteed quick visibility, it is advisable to use larger letters.


Signage that brands often design and create is important in drawing the attention of the target audience. As a result, for most brands that include, for instance, sketch and etch, creating a catchy signage design entails using a bright color, making a sign readable by generating a contrasting effect as well as using larger letters.

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Written by Marcus Richards

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