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The 7 Most Important Things for New Dog or Puppy Owners

Just as you prepare for the arrival of a new human child, you should do the same for a new puppy. New puppy owners should be prepared for everything they will need, or they could be rushing out to get the item they forgot.

Listed below are the essentials I recommend to new puppy owners:

Food for puppies and dogs

Find out when and how the dog has been eating from the puppy breeder/former owner. Then, when the dog arrives in your home, you should provide it with the same food. The best dog food for your pet is one that’s natural and unprocessed.

It is advisable to switch to a new brand of food gradually. You should use 1/4 new food and 3/4 old food the first week. Once the pup’s stools are firm, use 1/2 new and 1/2 old food during the second week. The process must be repeated until the entire organization uses the new brand. It’s also a good idea to get familiar with which foods dogs can and cannot eat.

There are gate(s)

In order to ensure the puppy’s safety in your living space, you will need to separate certain areas. In either the living or dining room, I cannot let my puppies Alvin and Simon out. A homemade wooden gate separates the two rooms. Since we couldn’t find a gate large enough to cover the openings, we made them.

Try a baby furniture store if you’re buying gates. A product needs to be seen and tested before being brought home, so go to the store instead of purchasing it online. If you can’t find one, ask a friend who doesn’t need it any more.

Decorative crate

For house training and sleeping at night, experts recommend using a dog crate for your dogs. Depending on the height and weight of the puppy, different sizes are available. Crate training is cruel to some dog lovers; but if you train your puppy properly, he accepts the crate as a den, sleeping in it without your help.

Including a collar and leash

You should buy a puppy leash that fits the puppy’s size and a heavy-duty leash for the puppy. We currently have custom collars with our telephone numbers on them on both of my dogs ( in case one gets lost. Its collars are the same color as its leashes, which are thick and short.

Transportation Service

You will need this when traveling with your new puppy or dog. Neither would I recommend putting a dog on my lap or in the front seat while you drive. The steering wheel WILL be interfered with by a squirmy puppy.

Assortments of toys

I visited three websites that recommended puppy toys. We went to the local pet store and bought a bone for chewing, a tug of war toy, and a treat toy (the dog has to work to get the treat out of the toy). Lots of toys and house for pets available in market and for your dogs you can also buy wooden dog crate to give him a comfortable sleep.

An Urine Neutralizer and Feces Neutralizer

It is recommended to deodorize surfaces when a pup eliminates on them indoors in order to neutralize the odor. In pet stores, you can purchase a product especially made for this purpose. Poop or urine should be picked up with a paper towel, neutralized with a neutralizer, and then cleaned with a cleaner. The pup uses the same spot repeatedly if this procedure is not followed. It’s important to do things correctly the first time.

You must crate train your puppy to be able to house train it successfully. The process of housebreaking a dog is simple, but seldom easy.

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