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Common Sports Betting Mistakes You Shouldn’t Make

Finally, you have decided to give it a try in sports betting. You want to turn your hobby into profits. You want to smile all the way to the bank. However, nothing is easy in sports betting. Without strategy, discipline, and consistency, your aims will only remain a dream. In particular, there are simple mistakes you can commit and sink your sports betting boat. Here are some of these mistakes you should avoid today.

Altering Unit Size

Betting is all about embracing discipline. According to Kyle Covers Spreads, discipline will give you the best bankroll management strategies. One of the most important money management strategies is choosing a unit size and sticking to it. The unit size is the percent of what you can bet per game. Changing the size without reason is a big mistake. It’s a sign that you are not disciplined when it comes to money management. Regardless of how seductive the bet looks, never change your bet size. You can only do so after some time. The best thing to do is to roll out a flat-based betting approach. This is a strategy that encourages you to bet the same amount (i.e. 5 percent) bankroll per game.

Getting Carried Away by Recent Trends

Trends can be exciting. They tend to change their betting behaviors. Overacting to these trends can be a big mistake. For instance, if you are on a 5-home winning streak, you may overact and increase the amount. On the other hand, if the team has won in its past five games, you may be persuaded into trusting that team to win. According to the stats, a team that is coming off from a winning streak tends to be overvalued. Still more, bookmakers are conversant with this. In their minds, bettors will be inclined to these teams. That’s why these teams come with shaded lines.

Gambler’s Fallacy

There is a concept known as the gambler’s fallacy. Here, gamblers believe that if something happens consistently over a long period of time, it won’t happen in the near future. Don’t trust this fallacy. It will lead you into making poor decisions. It’s, therefore, important to make independent decisions. Conduct your research first. Look at the team stats.

Too Many Bets

Don’t just bet for the sake of it. Don’t be there to be seen making an action. It’s a mistake. Take your betting seriously. Never bet 10-20 games per night. It’s dangerous. In fact, it can hugely hurt your bankroll. Stay disciplined. Research more. Stick within the bankroll rules. Avoid chasing losses. It’s a bad idea. In fact, it will hurt your betting strategy.

Unrealistic Expectations

Don’t bet hoping to hit millions in a week. Having unrealistic expectations can overwhelm you. In fact, it can lead to poor decision-making. Thus, set realistic goals. Be consistent. Embrace patience.

The Bottom-Line

Sports betting is all about entertainment and making money. However, making simple mistakes can cost you dearly. Avoid the above mistakes and make your sports betting experience memorable.

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Written by Marcus Richards

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