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Benefits of the Green Card During the Pandemic Process

America has always been the land of dreams and opportunities. This is why people in many countries dream of living in America. The easiest way to make these dreams come true is the immigration visa known as the Green Card. The green card provides serious advantages within the USA and gives you the rights of a US citizen. Especially during the pandemic period, it has been understood more clearly how the Green Card is different from other visas. In this article, we will talk about the green card benefits in the pandemic process.

Entering the USA with the Green Card

As is known, countries made certain restrictions during the pandemic process. One of these restrictions was to close borders to countries where the pandemic was effective. The USA announced that it closed its borders to countries such as China, England, Ireland, Brazil, and Iran for 30 days in the first period of the Covid-19 pandemic. Later, this restriction was extended indefinitely as the pandemic intensified. This situation left non-US citizens in a very difficult situation. So, how is the situation for the Green Card holders?

Those with a Green Card have almost the same rights as a normal US citizen. Therefore, the Green Cardholders have the right to enter and leave the USA easily, even if they are in one of the countries where the borders are closed. This is one of the most important advantages provided by the Green Card.

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The Difference between a Work Visa and the Green Card

The USA issues work visas to employees to attract a qualified workforce to their country. Especially 1 million Germans in the country with high qualifications are the most important group benefiting from the work visas. Visas such as H1B or L1 are types of non-immigrant visas and have many advantages.

Although work visas have different advantages, it is a serious disadvantage that they are only valid for continuity of the work. As it is known, many businesses closed or suspended their activities during the pandemic period. This situation caused many people to lose their jobs. Those who have a work visa lose their visas when they lose their jobs. However, a green card is a visa not related to the job. In this way, even if you lose your job, your visa will continue and you can continue to stay in America without any problems.

<span>Photo by <a href="">Fabian Fauth</a> on <a href="">Unsplash</a></span>A Student Visa vs. the Green Card

Those who want to study in America benefit from a student visa. As long as their education continues, there is no obstacle for them to reside in the USA. However, due to the Covid-19 pandemic, many universities have stopped classes, causing difficulties in student visas. The statement made by US President Trump on this issue also revealed how disadvantageous the student visa is during the pandemic period. Trump had said that foreign students who took their classes online may need to leave the country. Universities and state governments have somehow managed to prevent students from being deported. However, the students were seriously worn out during this process.

Students with Green Card did not experience such stress. The reason is that the continuity of this visa is not related to education. The Green Cardholders whose education life is interrupted may continue to stay in the USA.

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Incentive Payment to Green Card Holders

For people affected by the Covid-19 pandemic not to have financial difficulties, it was decided by the US administration to provide $ 1,200 to citizens. This assistance was provided only to US citizens and Green Card holders. Green Card holders also benefited from this support. Even this situation reveals how advantageous it is to have a Green Card.

This support provided to Green Card holders does not constitute an obstacle in terms of citizenship application in the future. This support, known as incentive control, to erase the negative effects of the economy, is not a public fee under USCIS. Therefore, it will not adversely affect the future application for US citizenship.

Is it Easy to Get a Green Card?

We have already talked about Green card advantages. So, is it easy to get this card? Where to apply? Which criteria should be met and which documents should be prepared? Is your situation suitable for obtaining a green card? For the answers to all these questions, you can check the website, and you can easily get rid of all your worries.

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