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Guide On How To Sell A Boat Online

Is it time to part from your loved craft because you feel that your boating days are over?

Have you decided that owning a boat and maintaining it is not for you? Or, do you want to sell your vessel to finance your upgrade or maybe, you want a downgrade to a more laidback craft?

The process of preparing your boat for sale, finding the right customers, and getting it sold can be overwhelming. But, selling your boat should not be a stressful or painful experience.

If you are looking to sell your vessel, here are a few steps to help you get started:

Take it online

The best way to bring your boat out to more potential customers, to get it sold fast and easy, is to post it on an online platform. Get your boat uploaded on Zeboats. Zeboats has a straightforward interface. Registering on the website is simple.

Set up a verified seller account in a few minutes and make your boat available to more people who might be interested in your boat.

Prep your vessel. Make an impression!

Clean the boat up in every recess and corner. As an owner who has become comfortable with the boat, you may miss out on some corners that will be noticed by the surveying eyes of customers. That could result in losing out on a potential buyer or get the price decreased.

You can get a marine surveyor to help you put the boat in proper order. You can either polish the boat or leave it as it is. That depends on the condition of your boat. You do not need to invest in buying engines and parts if it can be done without as it can result in becoming too expensive. Also, a potential buyer or the new owner may not have the same engine choice as your favorite. Read here guide on how to prepare the boat for sale.  Visit for tips on how to maintain your boat.

Get good shots of your vessel

On an online platform, how you present what you want to sell is a huge priority. Get good shots of your vessel from different angles. Get pictures of your boat in action. Keep in mind that customers are assessing your boat virtually, and they need as much visual information as possible. If you do not want to be bothered with taking pictures, you can opt to bring in a professional photographer, especially one who deals with photographing boats for sale.


Potential customers rely on the information you provide in your listing. Apart from getting good shots of your vessel, it would be best if you described your boat correctly. Do not exaggerate; keep it simple and to the point, and list your boat’s features and relevant information.

An excellent reference to help you make the listing will be other sellers’ listings of similar boats on the web.


Remember to name a reasonable price if you want to get your boat sold. Do not make the mistake of setting your price too high. It will chase off potential customers. Your price should not be too low either. It will result in making your vessel look bad, and you may lose more than you can afford.

Take into consideration the amount you paid for your boat, how long you have used it, and its condition. Compare the prices of similar boats from different sources. Ask people who have sold similar boats in the past. Comparing is an excellent way to help you settle on the price. You can also seek the help of trustworthy brokers or dealers for professional advice.

Dealing with customers

Now that you have your boat online, all you have to do is wait to get your boat noticed. You will start getting calls and messages from potential customers. When dealing with potential customers, be ready to answer questions and give detailed information about your vessel.

If your boat has any flaws, be upfront with it. Being honest will help you gain the trust of the customer. Telling a potential customer about the defect and reasons for the pricing will also save you from dealing with price cuts later.


The best time for selling your boat is spring to early summer, the month depending on which part of the globe you live in. Getting your boat noticed early in the boating season has its advantages:

• It is easier to deal with an eager customer.

• It reduces the chances of dealing with customers who are not serious.

• The boating season will bring better prices since boats are in demand this season.

Brokers and dealers

Owning a boat and knowing about boats does not include knowing how to sell boats. If you do not want to be bothered with boat selling, you can settle for professional dealers and brokers. Take some time to research carefully, ask around, and find experienced brokers. Getting a reliable broker will help you get your boar sold with less stress.


If you are in a hurry to get rid of a boat or you have decided that owning a boat is not for you, you can sell it at wholesale prices to a boat dealer. Selling a boat to wholesalers will mean a lesser price than selling online or through a broker. Yet, it is a good option if you have decided that you don’t want to deal with renovation works and maintenance.

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Written by Marcus Richards

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