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Finval 505 FishPro: the ideal boat for the avid fisherman

Professional fishing boats today are true works of art in which power, speed, maneuverability, stability and ergonomics are perfectly balanced. And all these characteristics are combined in a compact, comfortable body that can easily squeeze into even the smallest pool. Today we will analyze the features of the Finval 505 FishPro motor boat, which is rightfully considered to be one of the best solutions for fishing.

Body and power unit

Finval 505 FishPro offers extreme reliability, durability and excellent seakeeping performance. Every fisherman dreams of such a boat, because having a length of 5.05 m and a beam of 2.1 m, it has all the necessary elements, both for a comfortable stay and for sports excitement.

The hull of the boat is made of special high-strength, but lightweight marine grade aluminum AlMg 4.5 Mn (5083) with a thickness of 3 mm on the sides, and 4 mm on the bottom and transom. Thanks to this robust design, Finval 505 FishPro has:

  • lifting capacity of 470 kg;
  • the ability to install a powerful 100 hp motor, which accelerates the boat up to 65-70 km/h;
  • capacity for 4-5 passengers;
  • small draft – only 340 mm.

The boat has a fuel system with an 88-liter tank. This is enough for long-distance driving even with a powerful motor. You can find out more about the characteristics of the boat at the link

Ergonomics and boat configuration options

Special attention should be paid to the ergonomics of the Finval 505 FishPro interior. Now this model is produced in four configurations:

  • Maximal cockpit – has a comfortable and spacious cockpit that starts from the consoles and ends at the transom.
  • Stern platform – still has a spacious cockpit, but with a shortened aft podium. There is a compartment storing the full canvas enclosure.
  • Jump seats – the most popular option, with two regular seats and two folding seats. There are hidden storage compartments under the rear seats.
  • Convertible bench – the maximum version with two regular chairs and a sofa bed for three people. It has a very spacious and comfortable cockpit and lockers on aft and bow.

The storage space for spinning rods in the Finval 505 FishPro is located right in the center of the boat. It can hold up to six pieces with a maximum length of 2.7 m. In addition, there are about ten different small lockers for fishing accessories.

You can find more detailed information on configurations and additional options on the official website of the manufacturer

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Written by Marcus Richards

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