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6 Fun and Useful Fishing Gifts Anglers Would Love To Unwrap In 2019

Fishing for the best fishing gift that isn’t a tackle box, bobber, hook and sinker, or some other fishing gear essential that readily comes to mind? Then check up our carefully curated list of remarkable gift ideas for fishers of all specialties.

There’s a lot to learn from the steadfastness of those who love fishing when they set out, cast their fishing equipment, and wait patiently for a catch. It’s admirable: But when you have to come up with a splendid gift idea that’d be just perfect for the fisherman dear to your heart, you only have to spend a fraction of the time.

We’ve done the laborious, time-intensive bit for you.

Here are our brilliant fishing gift ideas for every angler from those who engage in recreational “catch and release” fishing to the hardcore “for sport” game baiters reeling away for that next trophy catch. You may also check through our other niche-specific best gift guide for ice fishers.

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#1 Deeper PRO+ Smart Sonar GPS Portable Wireless Wi-Fi Fish Finder

Many anglers such as myself either can't afford a boat or choose not to use a boat when fishing which is the most common way individuals have built-in fish finder technology. I recently purchased one of these for myself and it's incredible having the same results and information at your fingertips with just a simple cast out into the water.

Not to mention it's below the price point of most boats included fish finder technology. In a quick nutshell, you can cast the device into the water, retrieve it and have plenty of useful information ready to go.

Contributor: Joshua Martin from GoneFishingBlog

  1. Agreed, these are fantastic

  2. Wish I would have seen this before Christmas. My father is impossible to buy for. Deeper Pro would have made the perfect gift.

#2 Swimbaits – Pack of 3 Baits

Get ready to catch some delicious bass. The new 8 segment swimbaits from will lure in some serious gamefish. You can find them here: 

The realistic swimming action is irresistible. They're 5.5 iches long and weigh half an ounce. Best of all the 3 pack saves you money and comes in 3 fish attracting colors. 

Contributor: Hernan Santiesteban from Reel Game

#3 Kung Fu Carp Fishing

A very funny, yet very instructional book about fly fishing for carp. 

Whether you use nymph flies, leaky waders, or little red books, you’ll learn to fish from a master fisherman:

  • Essential Fundamentals – The Four Rings
  • What You Need To Know About Terrain
  • Fishing Weapons – Do you have the right fishing lures and gear?
  • Wading and Kung-Fu Footwork
  • Vital Techniques For Catching More Fish
  • You're Smarter Than The Fish – Or Are You?
  • Tying Your Own Flies

Contributor: Adam Dailey-McIlrath from IronRingPublishing

#4 Sportfisher Black -Black Dial

The Sportfisher Black is the watch that all anglers have been waiting for. Created by anglers, for anglers, this watch was designed by Hook+Gaff to be the ultimate watch for the hard-core angler who is out on the water during all hours of the day and night. 

The Sportfisher Black is Hook+Gaff’s first model to utilize 24-hour illumination tritium technology that continuously illuminates the dial’s hour markers and hands. While other watches’ illuminating paint will grow dim or fade completely over time, Hook+Gaff’s specialty illumination will always shine bright to lead the way on offshore pursuits.

Contributor: Jake Freedman from The Brandon Agency

#6 Waxhead Zinc Oxide Sunscreen Stick

Fishermen love this sunscreen because it doesn’t stink up their lures with fake coconut smell and it doesn’t deteriorate their fishing rods/lines like chemical sunscreens. 

All our mineral sunscreens have a rating of 1 from EWG and are some of the safest and most effective sunscreens available — you can’t get anything healthier (for people or planet) that actually works! 

Contributor: Kari Kenner from Waxhead Sun Defense

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Written by Ben Skute