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Painting Garage Doors and Its Steps

Before buying paints or materials to paint your garage doors. It would help if you thought about the important thing in order not to be mistaken. It’s a complicated job to do, but there are steps to paint garage doors that you should follow. Whatever the Material it may be made from, you will not have a hard time painting it by following the steps.

There are also guidelines on how and what to buy things in order not to cost you more. It will cost a lot of money if you accidentally buy something that does not fit your job. Consider these things as significant matters. Once you have finished your job, it will be self satisfactory. It will be worth working for because you made it by yourself.

12 Easy Steps

Following the steps carefully will do the right job. Don’t just buy some paint without knowing what the user is or when to use that one. You will be disappointed if you do it. And it will cost you more since you will not get the result you wanted and keep buying again until all things will mess up. The steps are as follows on how to paint a garage door.

  1. Choose the right Paint – there is a proper paint for every Material. Either you are painting wood or metal, they have different paints. There is an estimation that around 16 square meters will cost 1 liter of Paint. But there are points in how to calculate it.
    • Color – you will need less Paint if you paint it with the same color.
    • Door Material – metal doors require less Paint but wooden material requires more.
    • The Paint You are Using – It’s written on its can on the amount of coverage. You should check it.
    • Tools – there are different tools for painting, such as roller, paintbrush, and rolling pan. It will affect the amount of Paint that you use depending on what tools you use.
  2. What are the Tools? – if your door has many attached things like crannies and nooks, brushes fit this job. It may be acceptable on large surfaces, but it takes time, and it’s not that smooth. If your garage door is large, it is better to use rollers. It’s soft, and your work will be faster.
  3. Power Wash – you should do this before you start painting your garage door. Use sandpaper for wood and wire brush for metal. After sanding or washing it, remove all the dirt that you see.
  4. Painter’s Tape – this will protect the area you won’t want to be painted. Drop Cloths should also be covered on the floor.
  5. Paint the Square with a Brush
  6. Paint the Inside – upon opening the door, strips would probably be visible, but it’s ok to ignore it.
  7. Priming for Metal Garage Door – you can skip this step if the door is already primed.
  8. Best Paint for Metal Garage Door – it is more appropriate to follow the recommended Paint. Sand it first, and then you can prime it after. Let it dry for around 8 hours, then coat.
  9. How to prepare a wooden garage door for painting? The brush should be used for frames. Wash the doors, let it dry, sand it, and coat.
  10. If you prime a wooden garage door, you should choose types of primers—a latex, oil-based and microporous primer.
  11. Microporous paints are best for wooden garage doors to avoid damage from sunlight.
  12. Paint a top coat on a wooden garage door.

Make sure to follow the steps to make sure you get the best result!


You will enjoy doing this on your own. It will beautify your home. But always consider safety before you work.

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Written by Marcus Richards

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