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How To Turn Your Garage Into A Functional Space

Most homeowners neglect to consider the potential for using their garage for more than just storage space. Indeed, garages can be great spaces for setting up workshops or, depending on the style of your home, additional rooms for living and entertaining.

However, before you can take advantage of your garage for these purposes, you will likely need to upgrade a few things to set it up properly. To get started, all it takes is some inspiration and some useful advice.

With this in mind, let’s look at some of the specific things that you can do to turn your garage into a functional space.

Panel Lift Doors

If your current garage doors are out-dated or too bulky to fit with the space that you have, try replacing them with contemporary panel lift doors. These easy to use doors are great for saving space and for adding a nice aesthetic touch to your home’s exterior. By providing you with the flexibility to open and close them either automatically or by hand, you can turn your garage into a more functional space.

Set Up Zones In Your Garage

If you want to make your garage a more functional space that provides more than just storage space for your vehicle, then you need to start by setting up distinct zones. If your garage space is large enough, leave enough room for your car to sit on one end of the garage with enough space in the other areas to set up your additional storage or workspace. By setting up tables or other forms of sturdy divisions between these zones, your garage will naturally be more functional.

Insulation And Heating

If you plan on turning your garage into a functional space where you can actually get some work done, then you will need to be able to be comfortable there for hours at a time. If you are exposed to the cold, then this will not be possible. Make sure to upgrade your garage’s insulation and install a heating source, especially if you live in an area with cool nights or cold seasons.

Wifi Booster

Even the best wireless internet setups will struggle to reach most garage spaces. If you plan on using your garage as a workshop to complete your DIY projects, then you will need to be able to follow along with tutorials and online videos showing you what to do. This means that you will need to set up a wireless internet booster in your garage to ensure that the signal is strong and unimpeded.

Vertical Storage

Most garage spaces are quite limited in their overall space. Typically, garages may fit one or two cars, which leaves you with little flexibility if you have big plans for setting up a workshop. To maximise the use of even the smallest garage spaces, it is beneficial to install vertical storage shelves. By taking up the unused space on the walls, or even along the ceiling, of your garage, you will find that there is more room in your garage than you originally thought.

Fold-Down Workbench

Building off of the tip highlighted above, installing a fold-down workstation rather than bringing in a bulky and immobile one, you can save even more space.

Turn Your Unused Garage Space Into Practical Space

The ideas outlined here are only some of the many possibilities for turning your garage into a more functional and practical space. Start by imagining what you want to use your garage for, beyond storage, and try out a few of these ideas to get going.

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Written by Marcus Richards

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