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Books on Gambling that You Can Read to Ace your Game

Gambling is one of the best forms of entertainment, and it also has plenty of room to make easy money. Of course, you need to be able to navigate through the risks and learn how to play your best game.

More often than not, people tend to make some very common mistakes while indulging in gambling. Most of these mistakes result from being unaware of the rules of the game or the best strategies to put in place.

Now, it might not always be possible to predict the outcomes or be calculative. Gambling, after all, is mostly about chances.

But, there are ways to tweak your chances of winning- by staying informed. And what is the best way of staying informed than reading books on the concerned topic?

Books help to keep us aware and enlighten our minds. From gambling and travel to science and literature- books are there to save the day.

And that is why it always bodes well to read up! Therefore, we have a few books that we think can aid you to gamble better and ace your game.

Read these books on the go or when free, if you are really passionate about stepping up your game. 


Sharp Sports Betting, Stanford Wong:

The space of sports betting is more of a sport than just another form of gambling. That is why it is imperative to be careful about how you move in this field.

There are different types of betting. The rules, the types of bets- they are all different. And this book by Stanford Wong has everything that you need to know about betting.

If you had trouble picking the most comprehensive book on sports betting, we shall save you the effort.

Sharp Sports Betting by Stanford Wong is your one-stop solution to all your betting related queries. 

American Casino Guide, Steve Bourie:

American Casino Guide is a book that is updated every year with the latest tricks of the trade. The book keeps you privy to the changing dynamics of casino gambling.

And that is why you need this book. Learn the new tricks, the best bets and the right strategies to ace casino gambling.

The book covers almost every game that you can find at a regular casino- craps, blackjack and all that. Plus, it has some vital information about using casino coupons and bonuses.

You need this book to make the most from gambling- online on sites like, or offline!


The Frugal Gambler, Jean Scott:

The Frugal Gambler, as the name suggests, is a book of gambling that deals with money management as its primary theme.

More often than not, people fail to control their gambling impulses. And they fail to come up with proper bankroll management plans.

This pushes them towards trouble- financial and legal. This book deals with how one could manage their gambling pursuits as healthily as possible.

It has some important tips on managing money and handling slot machines with care. If you want to ace your game and stay out of trouble, this is the book you must go for.

Positively Fifth Street, James McManus:

The most literary book on the list is Positively Fifth Street by James McManus. It is not one of your practical gambling guides that will spill the beans on tricks.

The author is a seasoned gambler worth his salt. Plus, he is also a wonderful writer, which makes the book worth reading.

It chronicles the McManus’ experience in the World Series Poker held in 2000, blow-by-blow. There is not much that you can learn about the tricks from this book.

But, it definitely will rouse your interest in knowing more and exploring the world of gambling.


The best way to understand anything is by reading all you can about the same. Books have a lot to offer. However, not many are patient enough to read through it all.

This leaves a lot of room for ignorance and half-baked information. Therefore, it is important to get your hands on the books that you think can aid you to make better calls.

Gambling is all about risks and chances. But you can enhance your chances by staying informed and making the right decisions.

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Written by Marcus Richards

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