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5 Common Gambling Mistakes to Avoid at Casinos

Although only a handful of states have physical casinos, the U.S. gambling industry is worth $261 billion.

Clearly, there’s money to be made, which is good news for novice gamblers. So if you want to get into the gambling scene, keep reading so you can understand common gambling mistakes and how to avoid them.

Common Gambling Mistakes for Beginners

Many new gamblers fall prey to common mistakes either with poor strategy or overzealous expectations, and it can be costly.

Entering Games

You might be drawn to a particular game as you see groups of people collect around a table and a dealer. Instead of entering the game mid-shoe, when cards from the same shoe (deck) are still at play on the table.

You should enter before or after cards all the cards from one shoe have been played. This way, you can avoid card-counting accusations and other suspicions.

Some casinos even prohibit mid-shoe entry altogether. So, make sure you’re not the person who doesn’t know the rule.

Proper Card Table Form

While it’s important to know the rules of any game, you should pay close attention to proper casino table manners at the card tables.

Lots of gamblers take card games very seriously, so you need to know when to touch your cards or chips and when not to. Once the dealer begins distributing cards, don’t touch your chips.

You should also keep your cards on the table at all times and refrain from touching them when they’re dealt face up.

The Gambler’s Fallacy

If you flip a coin 9 times and it lands on heads, would you expect the 10th flip to land on tails? Many gamblers would, but this is a common logical misconception known as the Gambler’s Fallacy.

The Gambler’s Fallacy is the idea that the chances of a certain outcome increase if that outcome hasn’t already happened yet.

This reverse of this misconception is also true. Just because an outcome has already happened, doesn’t indicate that it will be less likely to occur in the future.

Remember, that coin has a 50/50 chance of landing on heads or tails. Even if it lands on heads, that doesn’t mean the 10th flip will be heads since you haven’t seen it happen yet.

Know Which Games to Play and the Game Rules

It may seem like common sense, but you should avoid playing games without first knowing which game to choose and how to play it. There are two main types of games and it’s important that you understand their differences.

The first is skill games, like blackjack, which involve specific strategies that increase your chances of winning. The second type is games of chance, like slots, which produce winners completely at random.

Sometimes, gamblers can combine the two and apply skill to games of chance where applicable.

Managing Your Money

Despite the popular stigma, you don’t always have to overspend when you gamble. In fact, you should absolutely know your limits and refrain from spending more than you can manage.

Unlike gambling websites, which have online casino deposit options, physical casinos can increase your impulse to spend more. Be wary of ATMs, which are strategically placed to indulge you.

Avoiding Gambling Mistakes

Before you get dazzled and distracted by the casino scene, you need to make sure you know proper gambling form.

Not only will avoiding common gambling mistakes will help save you money and embarrassment, but it will optimize your experience so you’ll want to return.

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Written by Marcus Richards

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