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The Different Ways You Can Win Prizes at Online Casinos

Nowadays, online gambling is anything but a niche form of entertainment. Tens of millions of people log in every day to play online, thanks to easy-to-use iGaming platforms that make these games more accessible than ever.If you have not tried online casinos yet, you might be wondering how you can actually win money on an online game. While online casinos offer a different experience from traditional casinos, the various ways that payouts are issued tend to be very similar. Here are the different ways that it is possible to win real cash at online casinos. 


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Networked jackpots

This is one of the more popular ways that payouts are given at online casinos. With these, every wager made by all players on a certain game, such as the Starburst slot, will contribute a small percentage to a separate, shared jackpot pool. If we look at the online casino at Paddy Power games, we can see how this works. With their daily shared jackpot, wagers on selected slots contribute to a prize that regularly tops millions of euros. At any random moment, the jackpot will payout, giving one lucky player the entire prize. This is pretty much the only way that it is possible to win a seven-figure sum at an online casino, and the odds of doing so are naturally very slim. 

In-game RNG payouts

One of the most frequent forms of payouts at any online casino is the random payout, triggered when playing a digital game that runs on a random number generator, or RNG. This is mostly used with online slots but can be used with digital roulette or blackjack games.When the RNG software triggers a winning slot combination, the user playing the slots will receive an instant payout. This is usually based on the size of their initial wager on that spin and can range from double their wager to more than 100,000x their wager. 


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Card game wins

When playing card games such as live poker or blackjack, the ways you can win money are a little bit different. This is especially true with poker, which requires a degree of strategy to beat your fellow players. Much like regular poker, the wagers all go into the pot, to be won by the best player.When a player wins, all the money from those wagers will be credited automatically to that player’s account. The player can then choose to withdraw these winnings to their bank account via an app like PayPal. 

Timed jackpots

Another popular payout format at online casinos is the timed jackpot. With these, one player on the website will receive a random cash prize at a particular moment. It might be once every 24 hours, or even once every hour. Oftentimes, you do not even need to be playing a particular game. You just need to be playing a real-money game on the website at the exact moment that the jackpot pays out. Of course, it is impossible to predict when this will actually happen. As you can see, online casinos tend to offer more than one way to win a prize. 

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Written by Marcus Richards

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