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The Importance of Having a Separate Number for Your Home-Based Business

Many motivated people realize that the resources exist for them to have profitable businesses from their homes. If you’re thinking of taking the same approach, you may want to keep costs as low as possible by limiting your expenses in the early stages. That’s an understandable aim, but you should strongly consider having a second phone number dedicated to your business, and perhaps even a toll-free one. You’ll likely find that the cost is well worth it in the end. 

You’ll Give a Professional Impression

The challenging part of using the same number for business and personal reasons is that you’re likely to make some mistakes. Consider a scenario where you answer the phone casually as if expecting a friend to be on the other end of the line when the person is actually a new customer. 

People often say that you only get one chance to give your first impression, and it’s easy to see why you want people’s perception of your enterprise to be a positive one. Of course, the way you answer the phone is just the start. You also want to speak to your customers while acknowledging they’re real people, not just potential ways for you to make money. Prioritizing your customer service calls is also smart because it shows you care about your target market. 

Having a separate phone number for your business also shows people that having your business is not merely an idea you came up with overnight. When you take yourself seriously, other people will follow suit. 

Many People Still Prefer Communicating by Phone

We are in an age where chatbots and email communications are popular ways for businesses to communicate with customers. There’s no harm in using those methods, but you should also keep in mind that some people would rather get in touch with you by telephone. You want to show customers that you are there for them and that they can reach out with the method that makes them feel most comfortable. For many people, that’s the phone. 

Perhaps a potential customer wants to describe a long, detailed situation to you to better determine if your company is the one to best meet their needs. Alternatively, some people who are not particularly tech-savvy don’t want to bother with writing an email or trying to use a chat service. They want to go with the tried-and-true method they’ve used for years, and that means picking up the telephone and dialing a number. 

If you have a second number only for your business, it’s easier to make effective promotional materials to spread the word. Imagine if a friend sees an advertisement for your business and notices that your home phone number is on the front. That person might feel a bit dubious about giving your business a try, wondering if they’ll hear a kid screaming or a dog barking in the background. You’ll still need to maintain quiet surroundings while having a second number, but using it emphasizes the separation between your home life and your work. 

Getting a Second Number Is Probably Easier Than You Think

Maybe you’ve been holding off on getting a toll free number for business because you anticipate there being a lot of hassle or extra expenses involved with the process. The good news is that having a dedicated number for your customers to use is a straightforward option, especially due to technological advancements. 

For example, Ninja Number is an app that lets you make and receive business calls from your mobile phone. You can also share your business number with up to five other phones. That means if you’re not able to answer the phone immediately when it rings, someone from your team can handle it on your behalf. 

Having a number for business reasons is something you can easily do to get your home business off to a strong start. While making well-thought-out choices, you may find that this venture earns you more than you ever made as a traditional member of the workforce. 

A business-specific phone number makes it easy for customers to get in touch when needed, plus opens opportunities for you to drive your income by making more sales. The reasons outlined here are not the only factors that should encourage you to get a new phone number for your enterprise, but they should give you some valuable food for thought.

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Written by Marcus Richards

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