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Legal Advice: Top 3 Reasons People Hire Attorneys

 If we’re lucky, our day to day lives can proceed without the need to deal with the ins and outs of the justice system. After all, the justice system (in it’s most idealized form) is there to protect us from the disruption of our day to day lives by things that are out of our own control.

Most days, we can go through without incident. However, as everyone knows, accidents do happen. When they happen as a result of the negligence of another person or entity, a lawsuit can be brought forward.

The average American does not know enough about the legal world to manage their own lawsuit on their own. This is true no matter which side of the current matter they are on. They instead seek the help of experienced attorneys who know better than they what to do.

There are many reasons a person may seek the help of an attorney at law. Read on and we’ll walk you through what you need to know.

1. Issues With Family

The family unit is a key part of one’s life. However, things can get complicated within the family dynamic quite easily. Sometimes it takes the help of an attorney to get things sorted out.

Marriage Issues

When a person gets married, there are a whole number of legal ramifications that come with it. Often, money, property, and all sorts of assets are shared between spouses and possibly even with a larger family system altogether.

While this might be nice while things are good, it can become extremely difficult or even painful when conflicts arise. Working through the legal ramifications of these conflicts is where family law attorneys make their bread and butter.

The most common issue a family law attorney might preside over is a divorce. The divorce rate is still quite high in America, after all, and many couples decide to call it quits every day.

Not only might an attorney help a couple split their assets up fairly, but they might also even delve into issues that arise after a divorce has been finalized. Changes might be required in a divorce decree. Matters involving child custody, visitation rights, child support, and division of property all have the possibility of changing in the years following a divorce.

These are not simple matters and often require many weeks or even months of work to come to a final legal decision on.

Adoption Issues

There many other areas that a family law attorney might lend their legal hand. Adoption is one such matter. While adopting a child can be a beautiful and life-affirming decision, it also comes with its fair share of legal obstacles and complications.

A professional and experienced family law attorney can help navigate federal and local laws involving adoption. They can help to negotiate and come to terms with the birth parents of the child or the organization in which the child currently finds their guardianship.

There all kinds of complicated documents that must be filled out perfectly and turned in through the proper channels. A mistake in filling out this material could result in an adoption not going through. This is why the help of an experienced professional can be so essential.


Not everyone is blessed with a wonderful home life. Attorneys also step into the matters as well, dealing with issues of juvenile delinquency and the possibility of child emancipation.

Emancipation is when a minor seeks legal responsibility for themselves and independence from their parents. While it is rare for a minor to be able to divorce themselves legally from their parents, it sometimes does happen.

The laws regarding emancipation vary greatly from location to location. As such, it’s important that one speaks to an attorney to see how best to proceed with their own case.

2. Criminal Law

There are rules and laws in place intended to keep society safe and structured. However, sometimes desperate people in difficult situations are pushed to break the laws of society. In other instances, individuals who do nothing wrong might be wrongly accused of breaking the laws.

Both of these scenarios would be where a criminal law attorney would be a huge asset. If a person is being charged with a crime, to hire experienced criminal attorneys to handle this rigorous justice process.

Everyone has a right to an attorney during a criminal hearing in the United States. That means even those who can’t afford a lawyer might be given a public defender who will help to represent them in the courts.

In most cases, however, a person facing criminal charges will likely move to hire their own personal defense attorney. This attorney will help their client go over the evidence, form a strategy, and fight the charges brought against them.

If the defendant is guilty or will likely be found guilty, their attorney can help attempt to mitigate the severity of the punishments that will be laid down upon them.

It can be extremely difficult to fight criminal charges. However, it can be essential to do so to the best degree possible. The punishments laid down in a criminal court case have the ability to alter someone’s life forever.

They could face seriously steep punitive charges or even end up behind bars for many, many years. A strong criminal attorney can help to ensure their client has the best possible chance of leaving the courtroom with their life intact.

3. Personal Injury Legal Claims

Everyone leaves the house each morning without planning to find themselves injured. However, accidents do happen and not everyone is as careful as they should be.

If someone is injured as the result of another person or entity’s negligence, they have the legal grounds to bring forward what is known as a personal injury lawsuit. The line of thinking for these claims is quite simple.

As the defendant was injured without any guilt of their own, it should be the legal duty of the person who caused the incident to make the victim ‘whole’ again. That is, to the best of the court’s ability, the injured individual should have their quality of life restored to what it was prior to the accident occurring.

This is typically done through financial compensation. Some of the financial compensation that one might receive would go towards the money they spent or lost due to the accident. It would also go towards attorney fees.

Lawyers often offer free consultations when they are attempting to find new clients. This is because they know their pay will come if they win a case.

Deciding on Compensation Totals

This could be money spent on medical care used to overcome injuries that resulted from the incident. It could go to lost wages that resulted from the individual’s inability to go back to work.

The costs aren’t always this easy. After all, how do you make up for the fact that the person who suffered the injuries probably had weeks of their life taken away from them? That they suffered through a great deal of pain and discomfort that they wouldn’t have otherwise?

These are issues that are hard to put a number too, but they deserve to be part of the equation as well. Often, they are referred to as pain and suffering in a court of law. An attorney can help you land on a compensation total that would be worth the pain and suffering one went through.

An attorney will have gone through this process many times and will help land on a number that is accurate. Too often, individuals that end up going without an attorney end up shorting themselves out of compensation that they really deserve.

Fighting Back Against Insurance Companies

In most cases, a person will be negotiating with the person who caused the accident’s insurance company. This can be a difficult task. The last thing an insurance company wants to do is pay out a big sum of money.

Most insurance companies also have an extremely skilled team of lawyers ready to be deployed whenever needed. This can be a serious obstacle to getting a proper compensation package, as these lawyers are adept at low-balling offers and getting results.

An experienced attorney can help the victim of an accident fight back and get what they deserve. If a person is having trouble working with an insurance company, they almost certainly will reach out to an attorney for their assistance.

It’s always better to have legal representation at one’s side during these matters.

Understanding the Reasons People Hire Attorneys

There are so many matters out there that would fall under a legal umbrella. The above are just some of the few most common topics that arise and push someone to call an attorney.

Have more legal questions or need advice? Keep scrolling through our blog for more.

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Written by Marcus Richards

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