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What Are the Most Common Types of Bingo Patterns?


Shouting that word is a source of great joy for many. It means you’re a winner. You’ll also collect a prize, but that’s ultimately secondary to the exhilaration of winning.

Such is the thrill of playing bingo, whether in traditional parlors or online.

While bingo is a simple game and mostly dependent on luck, it takes skill to recognize winning bingo patterns as fast as you can. In most games, there can only be one winner, and if someone beats you to the punch, you still lose even if you also have a winning card.

If you’re going to play bingo, you need to be familiar with the most common bingo winning combinations. Here they are.

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The clock is one of the most popular patterns in bingo halls or online sites that you can find in Bingo Scanner. You try to draw a clock face by filling up the perimeter of the card except for the four corners, making a circle.

The clock hand is formed by the center square and any adjacent diagonal square. It’s a weird clock with only one hand, but it is what it is.


This pattern can be played on any of the four corners. You have to be alert because there can be four possible winning combinations.

It consists of an arrowhead with any outer corner square as the tip and extending two squares on both sides, forming an inverted “v” shape. Now you just have to form the shaft which is a diagonal line that connects the tip of the arrowhead to its opposite corner.


The windmill is also a very common pattern in many types of bingo games. Unlike the clock or the arrow, it has only one solution.

To create a windmill pattern, fill out a 2×2 square on every corner of the card. These squares represent the blades of the windmill. The four blades are then connected to each other by the center square.


The wineglass is another classic. It consists of eleven squares that form a pixel art picture of a wineglass.

To help you remember this pattern, try to imagine a big letter “Y” on the bingo card. Connect the top two corners to the middle square and from the middle square, extend it to the bottom. Now just fill out all the bottom row squares to fashion the base or foot of the wineglass.


Around Christmas time, this pattern becomes very popular. To build this shape, start with a 3×3 square in the middle of the bingo card. Now mark off the top and bottom squares of the N column (this means that all squares of the N column should be filled out).

After that, aim for the 4th square from the top of the B and O columns. Once all those squares are blackened out, the shape will resemble a festive bell that you’ll see in Christmas decors.

Other Popular Bingo Patterns

The blackout pattern, where you complete all the available squares, is present in almost every bingo event. It usually serves as the winning pattern for a jackpot prize because it takes the longest to complete.

Other popular patterns are different letters and numbers. For letters, E, T, X, and Z are common patterns while for numbers, you usually see 3, 4, 7, and 8.


Knowing the most common bingo patterns is crucial if you want to be the first to shout out, “Bingo!”. Knowledge is power, and this article should help increase your chances of winning.

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Written by Marcus Richards

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