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Classic Games That are Now Thriving Thanks to Online Options

Nowadays, we take the internet for granted and it’s difficult to believe that people got anything done without it. Yet, for some industries, our interest and dependency on the internet signaled their death rattle. Travel agents and encyclopedias were big business not too long ago, but Gen Z would find the idea of going to the high street to book a holiday or storing huge books filled with knowledge distinctly alien. While print journalism still exists, it appears its days are numbered, and newspapers and magazines will join maps and book stores on the internet’s kill list. 

Some might bemoan the death of these industries, but the fact is they died because the alternatives provided are much preferred. There are some classic games that many would have predicted to also die out due to more appealing options available online. However, these games embraced the change and are now thriving thanks to the online playing options available today. 

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There was a golden time of bingo when the game was played in bingo halls full of punters throughout The U.K. and with large turnouts in the prosperous casinos of America. Yet, over the years, its popularity started to wane. Thankfully, online casinos such as have saved bingo and the game now has a considerable following all over the world. The ease and accessibility of play have definitely been a factor in the game’s rejuvenation. Players are now able to enter a bingo lobby instantly using their mobile phone and access vast libraries of different themes, formats, and even hybrid Slingo titles.

Just like other online casino games, bingo has also seen promotions and bonuses used effectively to entice new players to the game. Plus, the freedom afforded in the online sphere has allowed operators to be creative with their branding to appeal to a new generation of players.  

Chessboard Portmeirion” (CC BY 2.0) by Peter Glyn Broster


No one is suggesting that chess would ever not have a place in the world, but online it has become massive and continues to attract vast numbers of new players today. For many, sites such as allowed them access to the game as they were able to take the beginner lessons and were actually able to learn how to play the classic game. For others, their interest was renewed with the puzzle modes presented that offered players the chance to grapple with tactically challenging circumstances on a daily basis that would improve their skills.

Many find that they have a better grasp of the game with the presentation online and make fewer mistakes compared to viewing a real-life chessboard with all its pieces. Playing online also enables you to truly find an opponent, human or IA, that is at your level. While online chess still triggers some to rage quit, playing at the appropriate skill level each time keeps players motivated and optimizes the time to allow for improvement. 


The official digital version of the classic Hasbro board game Risk is called Risk: Global Domination and is available for most devices as a free-to-play with in-app purchases. Hasbro has also introduced zombies, fantasy, and sci-fi maps to make things a little more interesting. While there is nothing wrong with the official version, there are a number of interesting games that are Risk inspired and these appear to command significant attention. One such example is which has a number of different game modes, many maps to choose from, and events or tournaments happening all the time.

While these spin-offs from the classic game might be a thorn in the paw for Hasbro, it’s great to see a community of gamers come together to create something they truly feel invested in and dedicated to continuing. Rather than being peeved that these sites exist and have a large following, Hasbro would be better advised to formulate a reason as to why they felt the need to create these Risk inspired gaming hubs rather than all flock to the official version. 

Three games that are very much alive and well thanks to the online options available to players now. These games have been around for a significant time and thanks to the options to play online, their future is secure. 

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Written by Marcus Richards

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