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7 Types of Damages You Could Get in Personal Injury Court

 Do you think the losses associated with car accidents are no big deal? Think again! The CDC estimated the costs of medical care and lost wages in 2017 exceeded $75 billion!

Keep in mind that the statistic above only represents car accidents.

All personal injury accidents cost way more than that sum. Personal injury court helps ensure the responsible party pays for damages after accidents.

So, what types of costs can you recover in court? Read on to learn seven main types of personal injury compensation.

1. Medical Bills

Accidents often lead to injuries. That’s why the most common form of compensation in personal injury court is medical bills.

These medical costs must stem from an injury the accident caused. Medical conditions unrelated to your accident won’t get covered.

This type of monetary compensation is straight-forward. To determine the value of your medical bills, add up all costs associated with your injury.

2. Property Damage

Property damage is another common form of monetary damages. When you’re involved in a car accident, your car often needs repair. In other types of accidents, other property could suffer damage.

Any expenses associated with fixing broken property will get reimbursed.

3. Lost Wages

Lost wages are another form of compensatory damages. This compensation should reimburse you for any time you missed off of work.

To determine the value of your lost wages, you’ll need to know your average income. You also need to know how many hours or days you were unable to work. Ask your employer to document your losses in a written letter for the court.

4. Future Medical Bills or Disability

Did your injury cause a permanent disability? Will you be unable to return to your line of work? If so, then the court may order the other party to pay for future medical bills and disability payments.

5. Pain and Suffering

The trauma of an accident or injury can cause emotional distress. Some individuals even develop PTSD. If you’re struggling with pain and suffering, then you might be able to seek compensation for it.

6. Loss of Consortium

Serious injuries can damage personal relationships. A loss of consortium happens when a marriage dissolves as a result of an accident.

7. Punitive Damages

Punitive damages are rare. The court orders these damages when the business or person’s recklessness was extreme. They’re meant to deter that entity from behaving in a similar way in the future.

Do you feel like the person or business who hurt you acted way out of line? If so, then it’s advised you reach out to an attorney. Lawyers, like Sweet James, can help ensure the court understands how you got wronged.

Recover From Your Losses in Personal Injury Court

Your health and well-being are valuable. Don’t ever assume that you should have to pay for your losses after an accident. This is especially true when someone else caused your injury or accident to happen.

Personal injury court exists to help restore justice to those who get hurt.

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Written by Marcus Richards

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