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Releasing a Tech Product? What You Need to Keep in Mind

 The release of a piece of technology whether it is software or a physical product is going to be stressful. The excitement combined with the stress needs to be managed to make the best decisions possible. Making decisions based on pure emotion rarely are the right decisions that have been based on data. The release of the product is going to be the most important period. A product that gains popularity and grows consistently through the first few months sets the product up for long-term success. Releasing a product far before it is ready is a recipe for disaster as consumers are far more educated on what constitutes quality than in the past. 

Start the Patent Process 

Starting the patent process is important to do in the early stages of developing a product. Not all products are going to require a patent as it might be a smaller improvement to a current product. The patent process for an individual can be a bit pricey but it is a small price for an establishing company or startup with decent cash flow levels. Enlisting the help of a law firm or legal professional that has handled patents before is essential. Lack of the right legal representation can be a costly mistake. 

Keep Staff on a Need to Know Basis Only 

The staff that is working on a product should be kept on a need to know basis only. The engineer that made the product might have no idea how the product will be marketed. People that know too much could accidentally leak information without their knowledge to someone else. The last thing anyone wants is a company to steal an idea then release a product that is of similar quality. Passwords should also be changed periodically. They should also be changed after an employee is terminated or leaves the company. The security of the information that staff has access to needs to be a focus. The last thing a company wants is a data leak which allows competitors to see what product is being released and could try to compete. 

Soft Releases Can Create a Buzz 

Soft releases or debuts of a product at a tradeshow can provide valuable feedback. A software could give out beta logins for trusted customers to try out a new product. Feedback is going to be the most important aspect of this as users will be able to tell you what they would pay for the product. Pricing is going to be a huge aspect of success so make sure the product created fits the target demographic perfectly. 

Marketing Should Start Before the Product is Released 

Marketing is an important aspect of selling any type of product whether it is software or the latest smartphone. The ability to rank a product on the first page of search results will lead to sales. Failure to rank a website or product page will not allow the product to get the exposure it needs to be successful. The right campaign can allow consumers to learn about the product and to allow the product to thrive from day one of its release. Getting published on a relevant website with products in roundups titled “Tech Products We Can’t Wait for This Fall” then featuring the product is wise. The right influencer that is allowed to try the product can also yield quite a few purchases during the product’s infancy. Not all influencers are created equal as there are many with fake followers that offer little to no ROI for brands partnering with them. 

Understand What Consumers Want 

Consumers want tech products that have a few features in particular. Battery life is usually one of the most important aspects as nobody wants to be stuck to a wall charging their favorite new product. Battery life has improved even with the new capabilities on smartphones and other devices. The integration of a software product is also going to be of paramount importance. Integration has to be on the minds of developers throughout the process. Consumers want convenience and software that is difficult to integrate with commonly used platforms will not appeal to a wide audience. The ease of use is also important as consumers that are not tech-savvy are still embracing technology of all kinds. Intuitive products will appeal to the largest demographic of customers. Small parts like inductors having a massive impact on the quality of the product. Stressing how a specific product can improve quality of life or productivity is imperative. Consumers will not purchase a product if their life is exactly the same after investing in the product. 

Take the time to handle all of the manageable details before and after the product release. The combination of the right marketing/promotion strategy and a quality product can allow the technology to be the flagship product of the company. 

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Written by Marcus Richards

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