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Food hemp and cannabis seeds

 The cannabis seeds, also called hemp seeds, are the basis of many forms of food. These multiple variations are obtained through different transformation processes. Besides, the nutritional properties of each are varied.

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Whole hemp seed

It is the raw form. Thanks to its protective shell, it keeps very well (up to 1 year)

It is mainly eaten by crunching it. As an aperitif or a snack for example

Qualitatively speaking, its proteins are close to those of meat, fish… but without “bad” cholesterol.

It is also similar to that of soy, but being more digestible (no inhibitor of the trypsin).

Nutritional properties:

  • 575 calories per 100 grams.
  • 22 to 26% protein + the 8 essential amino acids.
  • 24 to 33% of carbohydrates
  • 32 to 34% of lipids
  • 33% of fibres, including 3% of soluble, which contribute to lower our blood cholesterol level.

Shelled cannabis seeds

Whole hemp seeds are crunchy and awkward to eat due to their fibrous shells. To consume them, it is possible to incorporate the seeds into a smoothie or other preparation. 

The idea is to pass them to the mixer to be able to consume them quickly. The advantage of this solution is to preserve all the nutrients in the shell (fibres, essential amino acids, etc.). It is also possible to grill them.

However, it is not very easy to chew this dietary supplement. It is why some people prefer to consume hemp seeds without the shell. 

The simplest solution is to buy directly shelled seeds, which are easier to eat and to add to your diet. Whole hemp seeds are generally cheaper and offer more fibre that is present in the shell. Therefore, it can be useful to know how to shell hemp seeds yourself.

Hulled hemp seed benefits

Remove the shell of the cannabis seeds to get the best of it. However, take care as the two “nuts” you will get much more fragile once the cannabis seeds are shelled.

You can use them on most of your dishes, or eat them just as it comes; sprinkle them a little in all recipes (salads, on top of a vegetable cream when serving …), or slide them into bread dough.

As they no longer have their small shell, their supply of nutrients changes: the fibres being mainly present in the shell, their portion decreases (as well as carbohydrates), but its contributions of proteins, and fatty acids:

Hemp Oil made of cannabis seeds

It is probably the easiest way to use cannabis seeds and add them to your daily diet and routine.

Of a green colour, slightly dark, it is extracted from the seeds, which are passed cold in screw presses at slow speed. Its yield (for oil) is very low. It also has a very particular taste and very pronounced.

You should not use it for cooking (its smoke point is very low: 160 ° C), but for seasoning (salads), or on hot dishes. Another option is to drizzle your cannabis oil on your dishes after cooking, bringing a new and healthy flavour to your meals. Finally, hemp oil goes very well with all kinds of salads and fresh vegetables.

Nutrition facts:

Hemp oil is now recognized as a great addition to your cooking with great nutritional benefits. In terms of fatty acids, it is composed of:

  • 12% saturated
  • 12% monounsaturated (omega 9) between 77 to 89% polyunsaturated fatty acids, also called “essential” (omega 6, and omega 3)

Hemp flour or cannabis powder

The hemp flour is obtained by grinding the whole beans in addition to oil. The powder obtained is then ground. It is particularly rich in proteins.

Pretty dark golden colour, drawing on the dark green: it all depends on the light and the way to make it. It is important to know that cannabis flour is denser than the usual flour, but you can easily add it to your bread, cakes (gingerbread types), pie crusts, pancake doughs, cookies, etc.

Nutritional properties:

  • Gluten-free, hemp flour provides:
  • 399 calories (per 100 grams)
  • 26.8% protein
  • 51.2% carbohydrates
  • 8.8% fat

Cannabis paste

Hemp paste is made from the shelled cannabis seeds, which you mix until you get a buttery consistency. The result is a high in proteins paste, perfect for active people and athletes, but also all vegans and vegetarians looking for nutritious food.

Nutritional properties: 

100 grams of cannabis puree or hemp butter will provide:

  • 450 calories
  • 22 gr of protein
  • 45 gr of lipids (the majority of which are essential fatty acids)
  • 29 gr of carbohydrates

Cannabis milk

Made from shelled seeds, it is the most protein-rich vegetable milk. The fact that its proteins are complete and that it is more digestible than soy makes it even more enjoyable. It is also the vegetable milk richest in essential fatty acids.

These two advantages make it unique vegetable milk, of remarkable quality. It can be used in its muesli, granola, porridge, or its morning cereals. It is often incorporated to boost the nutritional value of smoothies.

Other uses of hemp and cannabis seeds in food.

Cannabis seeds, leaves, oil, etc., are often used in food as part of the second transformation for pasta, chocolate, energy bars and more.

They can also be used and added in drinks such as the hemp lemonade, unique beers, hemp syrups, cannabis tea, etc.

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Written by Marcus Richards

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