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How to Promote Your YouTube Channel to Maximize Views

If you have a knack for social media platforms and technology, you would know that YouTube has become the subsidiary of Google and has been named as the second most-used search engine platform. According to the stats, there are 1.9 billion active users on a monthly basis. Likewise, the subscriber base is increasing as well.

On average, the viewers tend to spend 70% of their tie watching YouTube videos that are suggested by the algorithms. If you want to ensure your video becomes visible to the target audience, it is better to understand how the algorithm works. Once you have a clear idea how the algorithm works, you will be able to design an effective strategy. YouTube pays much importance to the watch hours so it’s very crucial to have sufficient watch hours to monetize a channel. Many YouTube users prefer to buy watch hours, but with a few strategies and good content the target watch hours can be gained organically.

In the modern world, influencer collaborations and paid ads can be used to enhance the visibility of YouTube channels and videos. On the other hand, it is highly essential to enhance the organic reach of the channel without implementing the paid tactics. In this article, we are sharing multiple tactics that will help you increase the views on your YouTube channel or Buy youtube subscribers . So, have a look!

Optimizing The Description

When you are setting up your YouTube channel, you need to ensure that you are adding every bit of information about your channel and business if you are selling something. The information might sound too basic and simple to you but the audience will cherish it. You need to ensure optimal customization. The YouTube description must have the brief introduction about the channel.

The description must include the channel; its goal and purpose which helps the audience deduce what they can expect from the channel. This description will show up in the about section of the channel and plays an essential role in branding. While writing the description, make sure you are adding the keywords in first 100 characters because it enhance the visibility in search results.

Work On Titles

There are high chances that if you search something on Google, the relevant YouTube videos will appear in the search results but it also depends on the video ranking. If you want to rank your video higher on YouTube and Google, you need to work closely on the title. The title needs to be short and sweet with the natural incorporation of targeted keywords.

While designing the titles, make sure you are using not more than 70 characters in the title because according to past data, short titles tend to rank higher in the search results. In addition, when you add the keywords, it enhances the visibility on Google as well as YouTube. This will also enhance the click-through-rate leading to higher conversion rate.

Write The Video Description

Once you have shot and edited the video, now you are ready to upload the video. So, make sure you are writing a proper description on the videos that creates the informational spark in the audience. The video description will work as a script to tell people what they can expect from the videos. While writing the description, you need to work hard on first 150 characters because they show up in the first lines.

If they are engaging enough, the chances of readability by the target audience will increase. While writing the description, you need to add primary and secondary keywords in the description and don’t forget the hashtags. Also, you can add links to your social media platforms and add a call to action statement which prompts the users to hit the bell button and become the subscriber!

Don’t Be Short

When it comes to video length, the shorter videos tend to have a negative impact on the video ranking. It is better to make sure your video is four minutes and higher to ensure increased ranking. However, during the race of creating long video, you must never add fluff. So, add the engaging and informational content even in the long videos. We Recently ranked Lil peep merch video.

The Playlist

When you have a YouTube channel, you have all the videos that speak for you. However, there is no assurance that there will be only one category. So, make sure you are organizing your profile by adding videos to certain playlists. While creating the playlist, experiment with different layout, don’t add too many videos in one playlist, and at last, don’t forget to SEO optimize your title and description!

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Written by Marcus Richards

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