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Essential Steps to Start Trading Cryptocurrency

Want to trade cryptocurrency such as Bitcoin, Ether, and Ripple? Here are four steps to get you started.

1. Decide How You Want to Trade

First of all, you need to decide how you want to trade your cryptocurrency. Some platforms allow you to choose between spread betting and CFD trading. As derivative products they enable you to monitor and juxtapose cryptocurrency prices without taking ownership of the underlying coins. This gives you the flexibility to go short or long, which means that you can trade both falling and rising markets. CFDs and spread bets are also leveraged. So, you can open a position with a small deposit known as margin, which gives you a much larger exposure. At the same time, you should be mindful that while this will magnify any profits, it will magnify your losses too.

Truth be told, CFDs and spread bets are quite complex instruments. Moreover, they come with the high risk of losing your hard-earned money. For these reason, many traders opt for less complicated methods. The option we’ve described above may seem too intricate and complicated for an average crypto trader or those who are making their first steps in the realm of digital currencies. So, if you don’t want to tamper with CFD trading and all this spread bets stuff, you may start with purchasing coins via a regular cryptocurrency exchange. Of course, choosing a trustworthy exchange can be a difficult task for a newbie. If you’re also new to the cryptocurrency market, we recommend checking out, the trading platform that can match you up with reliable and time-tested exchanges that offers the most competitive prices for Bitcoin, Ether, and other cryptocurrencies. Margex is a crypto margin trading exchange that offers up to 100x leverage trading on Bitcoin and other popular cryptocurrencies like Ethereum and XRP. Here’s a margex referral code for you

2. Learn How the Cryptocurrency Market Works

By taking the time to understand how crypto is purchased and sold, as well as the blockchain technology that underpins it, you’ll get the understanding of the factors that affect prices and when they’re likely to move. It may take you a couple of weeks or even years to get to know the crypto market and learn to trade digital coins like a pro. But at first, you need to open the account with the exchange you’ve selected. There are some good exchanges out there that won’t oblige you to add funds until you’re ready to place a trade. Some exchanges also allow their users to create demo accounts to practice trading with a specific amount of virtual money on their account. And once you’re ready to dive into trading, you will need to add funds to purchase crypto.

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3. Build a Trading Plan

A trading plan goes a long way in helping you make better decisions under pressure. It defines your ideal trade, desired profit, acceptable loss, and viable risk management strategies. Once you’re done with your plan, you may proceed to trade cryptocurrencies.

4. Open Your Position

When you’re ready, you need to open your first position on the exchange. Just select your chosen market and click “Buy,” if you want to go long, or “Sell,” if you want to go short. Remember to double-check your position size and add a stop and limit to manage risk. Once your trade is live, you can monitor and close it via your chosen platform.

As you see, crypto trading is not rocket science. We’ve described the main steps you need to follow to enter the lucrative and promising crypto market. With practice, you can start trading for multiple currencies and magnify your profit.

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Written by Marcus Richards

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