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Why Bingo is Not Just a Woman’s Game

Bingo has long been thought of as a woman’s pastime. Men have long avoided the bingo game as a haven for women to sit quietly and mind their cards while gossiping. Even worse, bingo has long been associated with elderly women who have no other social outlet left to them.

Times are changing, however and bingo is becoming a game for all ages and for all genders. Branding of bingo games is changing from its strongly feminine past to embrace and attract all comers. As more and more young people fall in love with bingo, the game itself has become an entirely new type of social outlet.

Here is why Bingo has become a game that everyone can enjoy.

Bingo: A Game For Men Too

Bingo is a very different kind of casino game. It offers a lot of benefits that slots and other traditional games do not. For those who are tired of feeling like they have to become an expert to have fun playing a casino game, bingo is the right choice.

  • Bingo is fairly relaxing and offers a friendly and peaceful environment. Bingo is often done in a room that is separate from the noise and clamor of the main floor of the casino which can be nice if you need to take a break from all of that.
  • Bingo is incredibly easy to learn and requires no specific skill set. Because it is so simple, bingo can be played anywhere, making it a more affordable and approachable way to play games if you want to avoid the casino. There are often bingo games at lots of local outlets if you want to avoid the casino.
  • Bingo games in casino locations allow you to drink while you play, making the bingo room a great place to mingle, have a beer and win a little money while you are at it.
  • As stated before, bingo has long been attractive to women, making it a great place for single guys to meet ladies. You can also socialize while you play bingo, making it a great way to meet others without having to go to a bar.
  • The buy-in is often quite low for bingo games but the payouts can actually be jackpots of reasonable size due to the number of people that are playing in the average bingo game. You are also allowed to play more than one card at a time, making it easier to increase the odds that you will win.
  • Even online bingo is much more social than other online gambling outlets, offering chat rooms where regulars come to hang out and play. Many bingo regulars online tend to play with all the same people, rather like the bridge clubs of our grandparents’ generation. Bingo players often become friends with their fellow players and choose to play together regularly.
  • Bingo is a great way to spend quality time with a spouse or a girlfriend as well. It can be hard to find activities that both you and your girl enjoy. Bingo has you covered.
  • Bingo is relatively simple to learn but there are still tips and tricks that can make you even better than the average player. When you get good at the tricks of bingo, you can win regularly enough to make it really fun to play.
  • Bingo has its own culture as well, making online and in-person play a bit more like a club than like a casino game. Lingo and other bingo slang are easily picked up and bingo regulars enjoy the shared community of the gaming club they belong to. Knowing the lingo of the game will make it more enjoyable when you sit down to your first game.

Interestingly, recent surveys indicate that 90% of bingo players in the UK are under 50. Surveys also showed that the diversity of the bingo playing people in the UK is increasing as well. More and more websites for online play are targeted at men and at young people, opening up the social network of bingo greatly.

It’s clear that bingo is no longer just for old ladies who are lonely and need somewhere to socialize, as there are a growing number of male bingo players. Don’t miss out on this enjoyable new game that offers a club environment, a social outlet and the chance to win some good money in a few short hours of play. Gather up your friends and go drink a beer, talk about sports and mind your bingo cards. You won’t be sorry that you did.

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Written by Marcus Richards

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