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Some Cool Bingo Sites to Browse

If you are planning to visit some cool bingo sites shortly, do consider following review of online casino prior to make the most out of your experience:

Review of Pop stars Bingo

Popstars Bingo is one of the rising online gaming sites for Bingo players who opt to stay at home. It is a fast-growing online bingo game mainly because of the no deposit sign ups and sign-ups bonuses perks and privileges opened to players almost every hour of the day. The registration bonuses are so welcoming and the home page is very accommodating and this site is one preferred by most because of the stylish and sophisticated approach it bears to the players once they have entered the member’s area. The site offers a no deposit bingo game and a free £9 play as initial money to be used in buying tickets. The sign-up process requires no details of your credit card for playing free, no need to wait for a bonus code since the first time player is accommodated and given preferential treatment to get the most of his free game and every trial game comes with a freebie of the hour. Once you decide to be a member and transfer funds to your account, your first deposit makes you eligible to receive up to 400% of the cashback bonus in a minimum charge of £10 t from your account. You get an extra bonus and an all exclusive access to different bonus code with surprising gifts and privileges.

Popstars Bingo can keep you busy even when you are not playing. They offer an online bingo karaoke during Friday night’s so sing your heart out while you wait for your winnings and bonuses.  Keep your tones busy and your money earning. Stay online during these hours and feel a different level of entertainment for every game played. If not in a singing mood, play online with the Pictionary bingo game offered every afternoon to its loyal customers. They also have online bingo specials that you can join and feel dynamically involve when you win jackpot prices that are tastefully gracious and unconditionally rewarding. This is not an ordinary bingo site despite its recent addition to the online bingo family. The creators of the site managed to tweak some of the ordinary features in local bingo sites and with the upbeat features, bingo game has just become more rewarding, exciting and worthwhile.

Hollywood Bingo

Bingo Hollywood was opened to the online community in April 2010. It is controlled and managed by the Dragon Fish Bingo Network. It has an interactive member display that provides a quick access to promotions and news updates from the creators of the site. The user interface provides a comprehensive summary of existing games and current winnings. Most members have rated the site to be very accommodating and rewarding.

A member will initially receive a Deposit Bonus to jumpstart his bingo bets and winnings. Succeeding deposits are guaranteed a 75% redeposit bonus and an additional £5 bonus for every friend referral. The site managed to divide players according to game preference and payment options. For players that provide unlimited cash funding to their member account, they are exclusively accommodated, this is the Red Carpet Room. The games here are conducted 24/7 and the tickets are sold between 5p-50p. Players who enjoy Bingo inside the Red Carpet Room are rewarded by a progressive cash jackpot.

For players who hold an automatic debit arrangement, they are accommodated inside the Start Search Room. The players here are allowed to play using their free bonuses or loyalty rewards points. Tickets inside this room range from 1p-£1. These two rooms are conducive for players interested only in the 75 bingo ball games.

The 90 ball bingo on the other hand is conducted in the Superstar Room and the Silver Screen Room. The first room serves players who have a prepaid arrangements accompanied by Cash and Chat mini-games under ticket prices of 5p-25p, with the option to join the 90 ball progressive jackpot offering. The Silver Screen Room is available for non-funded accounts between 12pm-12am. Bingo Hollywood respects electronic payments made via Visa and MasterCard accounts. They also accommodate other payment options from reputable financers like Switch and Solo, Delta, Maestro and Visa Electron account holders. The maximum deposit for a day is £1000 and £5000 for monthly deposit.

Bingo Street Review

Bingo Street is the latest addition to the online bingo industry where the progenitor is the tyrant Joy of Bingo Group. It is a membership site exclusive to players who enjoys winning slots and cash jackpots directly from their PC. After every successful registration, the member-player will be directed to a bonus game where he/she can quadruple the amount of his free deposit. The website claims to offer the cheapest and most free chips in every bingo play. Members can access the free bingo games held daily if they are avoiding or minimizing their deposits. The real play bingo offers cash jackpots up to £5000. Following a traditional 75 or 90 ball game bingo, each player is accorded at the very least the chance to win up to five times on each game.

Joy of Bingo used Globalcom software in the presentation of the site. It means that it is a standalone site that will not be bombarding you with affiliated offerings from network sites. This gaming platform offers both flexibility and security to every member player. The site does not restrict its members to Bingo game satisfaction, rather the membership is extended to even playing the casino games found in the site. No more additional subscription is required to enjoy the casino games offered by Bingo Street.

The outstanding features of Bingo Street are showcased in its online forum and daily news. The Daily Bingo news provides for the latest updates and intrigues in the bingo neighborhood, one where players can even write comments anonymously. The online gaming forum on the other hand, provides for an interactive exchange of views between players and members. It can be manipulated as a good source of bingo notifications or knowledge or just a simple message board for everyone dropping by and expressing gratitude for the gaming platform and services offered in Bingo Street.



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Written by Marcus Richards

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