in , – The home for skateboarding lovers is not a website of the longboard and skateboard. was founded to create value, create knowledge for readers. In this website, you are not only a reader but also one of our loyal members. gives The site readers all the information and knowledge about the longboard – a popular sport in the world. If you love this sport, consider our website to be your home.

What is created for? was created by Sammy Jackson – a sports expert. This website contains all his spiritual values ​​and knowledge in his life. The website’s founder thinks that the knowledge he has accumulated in his life should be shared with everyone. He wants to convey and inspire as many people as possible, especially those who love this sport.

The site was created with many different purposes

Therefore, has constantly updated valuable information about Longboard sport. Readers can accumulate experience and knowledge, also can interact with friends on this website. Not only that, but the founder also integrated the purchase feature into this website. Readers can shop in Amazon from this feature. Amazon is a large and reputable e-commerce center. This website can turn readers into shoppers by automatically moving readers from this website to Amazon.

This feature has appeared on many other websites. However, at Longboard brand dot com, this feature has turned from a knowledge website into a versatile website. So, what is for? Is for longboard sports enthusiasts or people looking to make a purchase?

Who is for?

Who is Longboard brand dot com for? was created for everyone. Any reader can access and participate in the community of the website. You can visit the link and find information about longboard sports, simple tips for practicing longboard, products that you can buy and use in the sport…

Currently, the founder did not integrate the account feature on this website to welcome more readers. extends its network of readers with a small desire. The founder wanted more and more readers to know about and gain a lot of knowledge from this website.

Readers can read and accumulate knowledge for free at this website

Every day, a lot of knowledge is updated on the website. This information not only comes from the founder but also from many other experts around the world. Every article posted on the website is carefully checked by staff. For more details on this information, we would like to introduce it in the following part.

What will bring to readers?

There are many people who think that is the official website of the longboard brand. Although all and the official longboard brand website are created by Sammy Jackson, the Longboard Brand is completely independent of the longboard brand. The official longboard website will be used to promote the brand. And will be used to give users the knowledge of the longboard sport.

What’s on the website of Sammy Jackson?

On this website, we provide users with some knowledge such as longboard products to use, some tips that you should know when playing this sport, instructions on using a skateboard and related knowledge… These contents will correspond to each of our sections below.


In this section, the latest and most interesting posts will be displayed. In addition, the most basic knowledge about the longboard is also displayed here to attract more readers. Indirect links will take you from here to the corresponding product at Amazon. If you need to buy or find out more about that product, please click the link below each product.


The second part that we would like to introduce is Longboard. In the Longboard section, knowledge about Longboard will be divided into many articles with extremely unique and creative content. You can click on each article to learn more details. Some articles that many people are interested in include: Best Paris Trucks Products for Your Longboard, Drop through Longboard Vs Top Mount, Best Longboard under 40 Dollars or Best Campus Longboards You Need To Know …

Longboard and Skateboard are two quite similar sections


Similar to Longboard, Skateboard will give you knowledge about Skateboard. The content will also be divided into different articles, such as Best square skateboard wheels you should grab, How to choose the best skateboards for beginners, for kids, 3 shocking facts about the best cheap skateboards for beginners, Select the freestyle skateboard at all the time, RipTide skateboard brand review – Is it the best on the market…


Whether you are beginners or experts, injury during the competition is understandable. Therefore, to ensure the safety of players, we have created the Safety section. In this section, we will give readers all the safety knowledge when playing longboard sport. Readers will be aware of the dangers and know the ways to prevent and overcome the dangers when participating in a competition and practice this sport.

Kết quả hình ảnh cho

Safety is really important content for those who love this sport


Tricks is a section for people who are practicing in the longboard sport. The techniques, detailed instructions will be given in some articles of this section. The content in this section will help you gradually improve your skills. Our founder is an expert in this sport. So, we are sure that you can find lots of great things here.

Currently, our article system is still being updated daily. If you are interested in Longboard sports, do not miss any posts.

In recent times, a lot of positive signals have come to us from loyal readers. We are proud of that. Therefore, we have a lot of motivation to continue developing our website better. In the future, we will bring more surprises to our readers.

Longboard Brand is a valuable website. Our founders will guarantee the accuracy of this website. It will help you quickly become the expert in this sport. We think that, with the rapid growth of this website, will fastly become a great website for everyone. If you love longboards, join our community and contribute to this community!

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Written by Marcus Richards

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