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Specific Details of Fujairah Free Trade Zone Operating Licenses

Similar to other FTZs in the UAE, IFZA free zone requires a company to receive a license according to its field of activity to conduct business in the country. In this case, Fujairah emirate is not different from other ones – it provides organizations with licenses for an established period, which, if no violations are present, can be simply prolonged. The above-mentioned procedures are overseen by the administration of the free zone where the business is registered.

Requirements to Obtain a License in One of Fujairah’s Free Zones:

  • An entity must possess a valid registration in one of the free zones;
  • It is obligatory for an organization to have a valid real estate lease agreement or a virtual office;
  • The company must comply with laws of the free zone it is operating in, the emirate’s regulations, and the federal laws of the UAE.

Fujairah Emirate’s FTZs and Types of Licenses They Offer

Fujairah’s FTZs provide 5 following types of licenses:

  • Service license, which is to be obtained by all companies willing to operate in the Fujairah Creative City zone. The license provides an organization with the possibility to conduct any type of operations mentioned in the documents;
  • Industry license, which is obligatory to entities operating in the sphere of production;
  • Fujairah trade license, which is required for companies willing to trade goods;
  • Consultancy license, which is necessary for all entities operating within the consulting area;
  • Holding license, which is only available in IFZA. It issues a permit to start a holding company on the territory of this FTZ.

How Do You Start a Business in the UAE?

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